Cambodian Police Smash Online Gambling Ring

22 Chinese nationals arrested in raids on luxury villa that served as illegal gambling ring's operations centre

Another major online gambling ring has been broken up in Cambodia following a combined police and immigration department raid on a luxury villa in Phnom Penh Friday.
Immigration Ministry spokesman Uk Heisela told local media reporters that the ring had been reported by local residents, and that its activities had been monitored for a month before the raid was mounted.
The raiding party arrested 22 Chinese nationals after uncovering evidence that illegal online gambling on lotteries, baccarat, sports betting and roulette was being conducted.
Heisela said it was likely that the individuals detained would be deported in similar fashion to the 23 South Koreans who were detained for similar offences in a separate incident back in February this year.
The immigration official said that Cambodia was a popular location for Asian crime syndicates looking for a cheap and poorly regulated country to set up illegal online operations, often using Voice Over Internet Protocol technology — a favoured tool among scammers for its ability to mask the source of long-distance calls.

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