Bureaucracy Continues To Delay Award Of German Sports Betting Licences (update)

Sense of deja vu as another round of applications looms

41 applicants for the 20 sports betting licenses scheduled for award by the German Interior Ministry have been asked to resubmit their applications to better conform with the Ministry’s requirements.

It must be a frustrating experience, but one which is inescapable if applicants are to satisfy the slow-moving and apparently pedantic German bureaucracy at the Interior Ministry, which has been in charge of the process since 2012.

In November 2013 the Ministry declared that none of the 41 applicants had met its requirements, hence the need for another round of applications, this time with the guidance of officialdom and with a deadline for submission of mid-March.

That will be followed by further delays – possibly of months – as the Ministry digests the information and comes to a decision.

Long story short – don’t expect to see licence awards anytime soon.

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