Blitz On The Way For Chinese Online Gambling

Government plans to crack down hard on online casinos and foreign land operators targeting Chinese high rollers

According to reports in China’s state media the government is planning a major clampdown on attempts by foreign land casino operators to lure high rolling Chinese punters to their casinos, and on the growing problem of illegal online gambling on the mainland.

The state’s Xinhua news agency reported Wednesday that Public Security Minister Guo Shengkun will direct the drive.

The report quoted the minister as saying:

“We must seriously investigate and severely punish those companies and individuals involved in enticing and organising Chinese tourists to gamble in overseas casinos. We must severely punish those casino-related illegal labour agents and crack down on activities for investing in overseas casinos.”

The report notes that Guo has called a special meeting of top police officers with the goal of drawing up plans to tackle cross-border online gambling and halt betting before a Communist Party Congress takes place in Beijing later this year. The event, held every five years, will oversee changes in the country’s leadership.

Guo said the police must be merciless in finding and closing down criminal gangs operating online gambling, and the “underground” banks which support them.

InfoPowa readers may recall the incarceration of fifteen Chinese employees and three visiting Australian sales execs from Australian gambling group Crown last year on allegations that they were marketing and promoting foreiugn gambling opportunities to Chinese nationals. There have also been several Chinese busts of major online gambling groups in recent times.