Blazing Cannon Returns To Mpn

Special football themed edition

Microgaming's popular Blazing Cannon mini-game will return to the Microgaming Poker Network's (MPN) Blaze Poker tables later this week in celebration of the UEFA EURO 2016.
The MPN will be running a special Football Edition of Blazing Cannon throughout the month-long tournament giving players a chance to collect cash prizes of up to EURO 100 whenever they win all or part of the pot in 20 raked hands on a real money Blaze Poker table.
Qualifying players are plucked from the Blaze pool and given a chance to score a winning penalty kick.
Alex Scott, head of poker at Microgaming commenting on the return said: "Blazing Cannon is a great example of the MPN's innovative approach to poker. Launched by the MPN in July 2013, Blazing Cannon was an industry first, and whenever we run a promotion with the mini-game, it is always very popular with players. With the football season reaching new heights this summer, what better way to while away the halftime lull than by playing Blaze Poker?"

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa