Bitefair Has A Little Fun At Footballer's Expense

High profile UK betting exchange temporarily rebrands to show solidarity with FIFA… and get some publicity

With international media awash with Luis Suarez stories following his punishment by FIFA for biting an Italian player at the World Cup (see previous InfoPowa reports), the high profile UK betting exchange Betfair has decided to get in on the act to show solidarity with FIFA… and garner some publicity.

Ahead of the Colombia v Uruguay encounter, Betfair has rebranded across all platforms to "Bitefair" for a little fun at the footballers expense.

Desktop, mobile, Twitter and a slew of other branding areas have all taken up the temporary theme in what Betfair says is a "…significant and reactive move to an act which has created much humour and consternation."

A statement from the company Friday explained:

"Across Twitter Bitefair will continue to push content on the day of the match focused on Suarez and his Uruguayan team mates, many of who refuse to believe that what he did as wrong."

The online bookie is also offering odds on whether Suarez will play another competitive match for Liverpool… and if he will again be punished for biting an opponent over the rest of the year.

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa

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