Big Poker Pay Day For Hong Kong Professional Player

Alan Lau takes down the PokerStars Macau Poker Cup 26 Red Dragon for US$420,000

Hong Kong poker pro Alan Lau has just scored his biggest pay day by far after winning the PokerStars Macau Poker Cup 26 Red Dragon main event,taking home the HK$3,265,000 (around US$420,000) first prize after besting an international field of 1,216. By the time the final tale was reached Lau was second only to leader Chien Fa Chou, a situation he quickly remedied by gaining the advantage and dominating play through to the departure of fourth placed Chinese player Yang Zhang.

With just Lau, Chien Fa Chou and Indian ace Apoorva Goel left at the table a brief but unsuccessful discussion on a possible three-way chop took place before the action resumed, with Lau holding a significant lead.His dominance continued with the elimination of Goel at third for HK$1,163,000, leaving the Hong Kong pro holding a 5 to 1 chip advantage as he faced his final opponent, Chien Fa Chou, in the heads up.

Just ten hands later Lau leveraged that lead into a resounding victory to claim the main prize, sending a worthy opponent to the cashier and a runner up reward of HK$1,954,000.
The rest of the final table cashes looked like this:

Yang Zhang HK$840,000
Edwin Gerard HK$570,000
Liang Xu HK$411,500
Bobby Zhang HK$348,000
Zhen Wen HK$300,500
Jun Liu HK$253,720

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