Big Fish Launches New Free-play Game

Cascade mobile slot high in entertainment and puzzle solving content

Mobile social games developer Big Fish Gaming has launched its latest free-play mobile slot game titled Cascade, which is available for download for free on smartphones and tablets.

With 140 handcrafted puzzles to solve, Cascade combines a match-3 game with a slot machine in an entirely new, game mechanic, delivering a game that is both familiar and unique, requiring both strategy and luck.

In the game, players travel with Jasper, a mole participating in the Great Cascade Gem Rush. Players accompany Jasper through 10 hand-painted lands and meet bears, arctic foxes, and a kayaking otter.

In true social gaming style, players compete with friends for highest scores and attempt to solve daily challenge puzzles. Big Fish has revealed that it plans regular updates with new lands, characters, obstacles, and gems. If stuck on a puzzle, there are a variety of boosts to simplify, and a daily spin wheel that awards free boosts.

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