BetFred refusing to honour MoPlay Cash Balances?

There were reports in yesterday’s Guardian newspaper that BetFred are refusing to honour a pledge to return customer stakes on open bets with the failed MoPlay operator, when BetFred acquired MoPlay’s customer database last month.

MoPlay was a brand operated by the Gibraltar based Addison Global, who in February had their licence suspended by the UKGC and the Gibraltar GLA. Subsequently going into liquidation, with PwC Gibraltar being appointed their liquidators.

According to the Guardian’s Rob Davies, 180,000 MoPlay accounts were migrated to  BetFred a few weeks ago and many former MoPlay customers have approached the group ‘Justice4Punters’, complaining that their balances did not move to BetFred in the process.

The Guardian purports to have seen details of two accounts, including one that holds £27,000, that have not made the move to BetFred. With the Guardian further offering the opinion that BetFred have actively ‘restricted’ accounts that are deemed unprofitable.

Referencing a Brian Chappell from Justice4Punters, who states: “We’ve received a fair number of complaints. All the complaints seem to have one thing in common, they have restricted betting accounts, be that with MoPlay and/or with BetFred. From what we’ve been sent, it’s certainly not clear to J4P why these customers are being treated differently, except it all seems rather commercially convenient.”

Upon been reached out to by the Guardian, a spokesperson from BetFred, commented that: “We could not confirm how many accounts did not migrate from MoPlay, as this information is not within our knowledge.”

With the spokesperson from BetFred further offering: “We successfully migrated circa 180k customers from MoPlay to BetFred, these customers reflect eligible customer accounts and specifically excluded self-excluded or frozen accounts. We did not conduct any due diligence on the profitability of individuals in the MoPlay customer database nor did we close any BetFred accounts to prevent migration of MoPlay balances.”

“Our actions to date are 100% in accordance with the terms of the contract with the liquidator and for those customers who did not migrate we are directing them to the liquidator to submit a claim in the liquidation.”

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