Betfred Dispute Gets Wide Social Media Coverage

As disgruntled bettor publicises complaint

A disputed bet wouldn’t ordinarily garner the kind of attention that this one has, however, when its WBA (Super) bantamweight title holder of the World Boxing Super Series’ Nonito Donaire’s father-in-law, the issue is gaining a lot more mileage.

Donaire’s father-in-law Gerry Marcial has taken to Facebook to bemoan his alleged treatment by UK bookmaker Betfred saying he has yet to receive winnings from a bet he placed on Donaire in the World Boxing Super Series in Glasgow.

The bet in question reportedly stands at GBP 200 at odds of 12-1 for Donaire to stop Burnett, alongside another wager of GBP50 at 11-2, with winnings equating to just under GBP 3000 plus stake.

“This joyful celebration [Donaire’s win] was muddied by Scotland’s Betfred betting post who does not want to pay out my winning wager,” Marcial said in a Facebook post.

According to Marcial, Betfred has dished out numerous excuses on paying out the winnings including being ‘low on cash’ and questioning whether the bets fall within the British Boxing Board of Control rules.

“This is illegal and them trying to bully us around and discriminate against us just bc [sic] we are American. It’s not right,” Marcial continued.

“And let’s just put it this way, if I lost my bet, could I have gone back in and said ‘I wanted my money back’ because I’m his father in law? No of course not.

“Bottom line…..DON’T BETFRED…you’ll get screwed,” he concluded.

The dispute has the potential to be a PR nightmare as Donaire has also taken his father-in-law’s plight to Twitter and other social media platforms to publicise the issue.