Betbright’s Robotic Jockey Attracts Attention

Showcases the potential of AI and other technological advances

Bookmaker BetBright has attracted attention with the debut of a state-of-the-art robotic jockey ahead of the Cheltenham Festival.

Dubbed ‘RoboJockey’ the lightweight steel technology initiative is not just capable of sitting on a horse but can direct a horse to a gallop of more than 30 miles an hour and jump four-foot high fences while communicating with humans through its Artificial Intelligence and built-in voice.

BetBright commissioned the robot following a report by futurologist, Dr. Pearson BSc DSc(hc) who believes robot jockeys would potentially be able to compete with and even beat the best jockeys in the world by 2025.

At the unveiling, BetBright Chairman and racehorse owner, Rich Ricci, said: “I was genuinely impressed with what the team was able to create in just three months. I had expected RoboJockey to be able to ride, but I never expected it to be able to jump fences or talk to me about upcoming races. It will be fascinating to see how robotics and AI continue to evolve and the impact it will have in multiple sports.”

RoboJockey will be available to view at the Cheltenham Festival on Friday, March 16.