Bet365 Mulls Challenge On Romanian Blacklisting (update)

Still no clarity on reasons behind regulator's actions

The reasons for the Romanian gambling regulator's actions last week in withdrawing licenses and blacklisting Bwin and Bet365 (see previous InfoPowa reports) still lack clarity and could result in a legal challenge from bet365, online media reports suggested Monday.
InfoPowa readers will recall that the punitive actions came after both companies had coughed up substantial sums of money to pay the retrospectively imposed back taxes required by the government as a precondition to licensing for Romanian operations.
Reports suggest that the regulator's arbitrary and unilateral actions took bet365 management by surprise, because from their perspective the company had acted legally and in compliance with pre-licensing concessions.
Bet365 is not alone in mulling a challenge over the issue; Bwin.Party has already indicated that it intends to contest the matter, claiming that it paid Euro 8 million in the required back taxes and was approved for licensing.

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa