Bars And Clubs Seek On-premises Internet Gambling

New York trade association wants more business through on-premises betting services

The Amusement and Music Owners Association of New York would on the face of it appear to be an unlikely supporter for legalised online gambling, but the trade association and equipment supplier Betson Enterprises are about to embark on just such a campaign.
The goal is to secure licenses for on-premises electronic betting services as an additional entertainment and revenue source in New York clubs and bars, reports Vending Times.
The Association's president, Ken Goldberg, says that permission to offer such facilities would attract a wider clientele and open up new business opportunities for his members, and that it is important that those members embrace technology in order to remain competitive.
"Today, customers can legally participate in gaming right from their cell phones, iPads and other electronic devices," Goldberg said. "Our challenge is to stay relevant and continue to demonstrate to our customers that we offer value and attractive entertainment options in our locations."

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