Australians Biggest Gambling Losers Per Capita

Global data ranks countries in terms of gambling losses

The Economist, citing a report from UK-based betting and gambling consultancy H2 Gambling Capital (H2G), has revealed Australians hold the dubious title of biggest gambling losers per capita at $990, forty percent higher than Singapore and more than double the average loss of Western counterparts.
In terms of gambling losses per country, the U.S. leads with its citizens gambling losses estimated to have amounted to $116.9 billion in 2016, mainly terrestrial casino and lottery punters. On average Americans are estimated to have lost $400 more per capita than the same period last year.
China was ranked second biggest loser in terms of losses per country at $62.4 billion, followed by Japan $24.1 billion, Italy $19 billion, Australia $18.3 billion and the UK $18 billion.
Profits of $385 billion were generated by the global gambling industry in 2016, H2G estimates, of which 11 percent is now attributed to online gambling.

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