Aussies Among The World's Biggest Punters

Antipodeans spend less overall than US, UK, Italian, Japanese and Chinese, but head the per capita stakes

Australian punters spent US$20 billion on gambling in 2014 and continue to head the global per-capita spend list according to a new study by Thomson Reuters-H2 Gambling Capital.
Aussies lost US$1,130 per person, ahead of the next big spenders – the Singaporeans on US$1,000 a head.
In per-capita spend the US is third, New Zealand fourth and Finland fifth.
Last year's Australian gambling per-capita spend was higher than the preceding year's by some A$12 billion.
However, in world gambling by country terms, the Aussies are lower on the scale, which is topped by the United States on US$142.6 billion.

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa