Aussie Sport Bodies Support Legalisation Of In-play Betting

Greedy says protagonist Senator Xenophon

Australian major professional sports bodies under the guise of the Coalition of Major Professional and Participation Sports (CMPPS) are supporting a push by corporate bookmakers lobbying to have the ban on in-play betting removed.
Comprising professional cricket, tennis, football and netball bodies, CMPPS is backing the move saying legalising in-play betting would reduce the appeal of offshore operators.
CMPPS made the submission to former NSW premier Barry O'Farrell who is leading a review into offshore online gambling (see previous InfoPowa reports).
Vocal gambling antagonist, Senator Nick Xenophon, reacted strongly to the reports on Australian media, saying: "I can't believe the greed of our sporting codes when it comes to gambling. It is not enough for them to get billions of dollars in revenue from various broadcasting rights but they now are getting tens of millions of dollars from online gambling companies."
O'Farrell is expected to complete and present the review by the end of this month.

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