Aussie Advertising Trade Association's Paper Discusses Gambling Concerns

But this is not a reaction to the uproar over live betting, the AANA says

The Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) is launching a public discussion paper addressing concerns around the gambling industry, but says it is not a reaction to the news that the New South Wales government is considering a ban on the advertising of live betting odds.
The consultation opened Monday and will close on December 18.
Sunita Gloster, CEO of the AANA claimed Monday that the code the AANA is proposing would only serve as a "self-regulatory framework" for betting companies, and was intended to enable the industry to deliver responsible gambling advertising.
She added that the public discussion paper will cover gambling across racing and sports betting, gaming and other casino games, along with lotteries and scratch cards, working through existing legislative, regulatory and industry self-regulatory frameworks, including the Association's code of ethics.
"Most importantly, it would protect the interests and rights of consumers by helping to ensure advertising and marketing communication is conducted responsibly," said Gloster.
The code will include a "transparent and easily accessible" complaints procedure via the single point of the Advertising Standards Board, she said.
The discussion paper, along with instructions for submitting a response, can be found at

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