Are Online Banner Adverts Effective?

Czech online gambling software company reports results of a recent study

Czech online casino software developer CASEXE has issued a statement detailing its findings on the efficacy of online banner adverts in the industry.
Although the statement does not reveal the methodology used, it claims that "around" 20 percent of online gamblers "tend to click on the banner ads of the casinos other than those they usually gamble at, while the remaining 80 percent completely ignore advertising."
The sample used to extract this information is small – just 200 players from Europe and CIS countries. Those who showed interest in advertising offers said they were attracted by:
* Free bets — 70 percent of gamblers clicked on this ad;
* Promo and special offers— 60 percent of those surveyed;
* Bonuses — 59 percent;
* Significant Jackpot — 29 percent;
* Familiar name of the casino— 30 percent;
* Other attractions — 8 percent.

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa