APCW’s Anthony Medical Fund Raiser

APCW's Anthony Telesca

Some sad news this morning concerning one of the iGaming industry’s stalwarts, Anthony Telesca, who many iGaming affiliates and also players, will know from frequenting either the GPWA forums where he goes by the forum handle GPWA Anthony, or the APCW website, of which he has been working for, since its inception.

Anthony has been diagnosed with the condition spinal stenosis, where the spinal cord in his neck is narrowing. Anthony and his doctors have fought for months with his insurance company and were finally able to get approval for the surgery to repair his neck.

However, the  surgery required  is extremely expensive. His out of pocket costs after insurance will be $13,500. He will be immobilized and bedridden for weeks following the procedure, and his neck will be in a brace for several more weeks after that. He will be unable to drive or care for himself for quite a while.

JTodd from the APCW has therefore set up a fund raising page on Anthony’s behalf to try and raise as much of the $13,500 required, to try to make up the shortfall that Anthony is left to pay for the surgery.

The APCW have been around for what seems a life time as far as the iGaming industry is concerned. During this time Anthony and the APCW have helped  get hundreds of  iGaming affiliates literally millions of dollars that they were owed from programs over the course of the APCW’s existence.

If anyone would like to help Anthony, to ease the financial burden on him, while he looks forward to undergoing surgery and several weeks of recuperation afterwards, you can do so by visiting his go fund me fundraiser page.

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