A.f.l. Implements Five-hour Betting Ban On Accredited Journalists

Reporters are often privy to sensitive information, says Aussie football organisation

The Australian Football League (AFL) has again tightened integrity and anti-corruption policies by implementing restrictions on its 2,000-odd accredited journalists and broadcasters in terms of betting on the games they attend.
The AFL said media personnel were often privy to "sensitive team information" up to 90-minutes prior to the game, up until final team sheets were handed over by clubs.
Described as assisting in helping protect against the potential misuse of information, a five-hour blackout starting two hours before the game to the final siren will be implemented later this week.
Working media can still bet on the games they are covering, as long as it takes place outside the five-hour blackout period, either during the week or on match days before they enter the venues, the AFL said.

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