888 Co-Founder Heirs Sell Off 40m Shares

Halve stake in company to 12.9 percent

Flagged as “unusual activity” by institutional media, 40 million shares in 888 Holdings were sold at the end of May 2017 by the heirs of the late co-founder Aharon Shaked, under the O Shaked Shares Trust .

The sale of the shares, at GBP 2.70/share or GBP 108 million, represent half of the Aharon Shaked branch of the family’s shareholding in 888 Holdings, of which they now hold 12.9 percent.

The Shaked brothers, Avi and Aaron, co-founded 888 Holdings along with Shay Ben-Yitzhak.  The Avi Shaked branch of the family currently owns 34 percent of the company.