Casino Complaint zreb vs iNetBet

Steven Dawson

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Nov 29, 2017
United Kingdom
Hi all,

I haven't commented on this thread due to the ongoing PAB and I was also speaking to the OP via direct message over the past weeks.

I appreciate that this has been a very long and frustrating road for the OP but following on from communications between myself, the OP and members of the CM team via Private Messages the player was payed out $2,500 mid April. The comp points were also credited to the OPs account a couple of days after the withdrawal was processed after they had got in touch with me via the forum.

In regards to the $99.50. When requesting a BitCoin withdrawal the maximum amount we can process in a single transaction is $1,000 and in a week we can process up to $2,500 in total.

When the withdrawals were processed this then went through as 3 separate withdrawals and applied fees to the other 2 withdrawals as only the first withdrawal of the month is free. I have spoken to the finance team and on this occasion the $99.50 will be added back to the OPs account so he can request this for withdrawal.
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Sep 21, 2013
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Can confirm $99.50 was received. Gambled on roulette so it could either be gone or enough to be worth not being done with this (it is gone.)

As I've said, the rationale for the $99.50 disappearing in the first place still makes no sense. The withdrawals were sent in amounts of $950, $950, $600, so even if the $600 were sent first to make the player pay as much as possible, that's a withdrawal fee of 5.23%. They aren't charging a flat $49.75 fee on a withdrawal method with a $20 minimum withdrawal. And as anyone can check for themselves, bitcoin withdrawals are listed as free, and checking through the cashier, the cashier help files, and the terms, i could find nothing that said otherwise. Specifically, from the "inetbet cashier help file" - "payout limits and fees" - you can see that bank wires and checks specifically list the "one free per month" with a fee after that, while there is no such language for bitcoin. Just "free".

inetb cashier help.png

So I don't know why they continue to persist with that line when it is clearly false. Perhaps some will wonder why squabble over the details when all the money has been received, but I think it shows you exactly what you can expect from this casino. There is value in the truth and anyone who is willing to put in the work to evaluate the details will have enough information to judge the honesty of the claim and the casino to make an informed decision about where they decide to gamble. Those who don't - well, they're on their own, that's all I can do.

As I've said multiple times through the thread, Steven himself has been very responsive even if it hasn't achieved the results wanted, so I wouldn't want to rake him over the coals for missing the last message that received no reply. My account is still probably in some weird limbo state where support will ignore it (the comp points were submitted around 4/18 with no answer, steven contacted 4/26, received 4/29 - though not the correct amount). And never were any answers received on what this was all about, not one, not even the vaguest generality of the nature or type of any problem.

So, I think that's everything. Was originally going to end my post with something like "despite all the money being received, I'm still deeply unhappy about the whole situation and the huge waste of time" - but instead I guess I can't help but shake my head and laugh. Guess I'm happy to be done with this.
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