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Jan 1, 2005
Zex casino located at :

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is a hoax. I won $70 there and requested a withdrawal, but they did not process the withdrawal although they processed the $50 bonus into my account at the same time. Then when i went with $120 to play roulette, i kept betting reds and the blacks kept coming. At least a 20 blacks came in a row!! thats impossible unless the software is a cheat. Made me lose all my winnings and my money.

Makes me wonder if there is any e-gold casino out there which we can trust.
Also mentioned in Casinomeister News Casino Cautions last month:

This is a reasonably executed but dangerous site, being powered by no download iX software, a company which promises potential casino clients that they can manipulate the product to avoid excessive winnings payouts! The software ID on the landing page claims the site is powered by Casino Fat Cat, but this is just another of the iX operations, along with Club-Blackjack, iX Casino, Casino Du Web and Joker-Club. A good range of financial options is available - through iX Entertainment Corporation's iX Pay. It's all registered in Panama City.

Other suspicious elements on the site include nominating PayPal as a payment option, and a statement that "Payouts Reviewed By Independent Auditors"...which is a dead button.

Support is available only between 12h30 and 02h30 but without identifying the timezone. This is a good one to miss despite a matchplay signup maxed at $500 with 25 percent bonuses on all re-ups, maxed at $100 and with a x10 WT.
** Legally I don't think there is much or anything you can do about this but cut your losses and DON'T do it again! It is a hard lesson to learn, but one you should hold dearly. It is always good to check first and then play... and of course, there are a good few awesome places from the meister that you can try... Good Fortunes be with you! **

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