Zero Rake Stops Accepting Neteller


Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
I must think they are in serious trouble. One of the many Zerorake spammers hit another board today. I figured to mess with him I would go play him for the minimum deposit. I got this when I tried to deposit $25. What do you guess "holding period" is? Too far below Neteller reserves? In the negative maybe? Bust?

Your purchase of chips has not been approved.
NETeller returned some error while processing your transaction.
Please try again or contact Support for assistance.

so I go to live chat

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Harry'
Harry: Welcome to Live Help. My name is Harry, how may I help you?
Rakesucks: hi i am trying to make a deposit to Zero Rake it gives me an error
Rakesucks: NETeller returned some error while processing your transaction.
Rakesucks: it did this the last time i tried a month+ ago
Rakesucks: are you no longer taking deposits?
Rakesucks: i have much more then the $25 i am trying to deposit
Harry: We are still accepting deposits on ZeroRake.
Harry: May I have your username and email address please so that I can look further into this?
Rakesucks: Rakesucks
Harry: Thank you, one moment please.
Rakesucks: brb as you look, i wonder if part of the problem you have no games is because noone can deposit
Harry: It has been mentioned to me that ZeroRake is currently in a 'holding period', and that it appears Neteller deposits can no longer be processed, however Firepay and credit card purchases should still be able to go through.
Rakesucks: ok ty
Harry: You're welcome, and we do apologize for the inconvenience. If you need any further assistance just feel free to ask.
These guys have entered a special arrangement with Holy Cow Poker if memory serves me. I can't recall the details, but there was something in Casinomeister News not long ago.
Yes Largeeyes, I was just going to abuse a spammer in the zoo that was waiting there to play.

As for Holy Cow they had a freeroll to try and make up for Zerorake $25,000 that never happened so I am sure there is some association.

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