Zero Rake Drops Planned $25,000 Freeroll


Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
I had hoped ot see this concept fly but it did not. The spammers and over enthusiastic posters at other boards killed it before it could get off the ground. It appears they do not see any reason to invest $25,000 into their business. Below is the email. It appears they are going to try and be an affiliate to this other room maybe?

Dear Rakesucks,
September 23rd , 2004

$25,000 FREEROLL Tournament

We'd like to take this opportunity thank all of you who play at Zero Rake and continue to support it.

Unfortunately the support for the Internet's only rake free site has been much less then we'd expected. With that said, the time has come for our $25,000 Freeroll Tournament. Click here for all the details on the tournament.

We have partnered with Holy Cow Poker to expand the tournament and make it even more exciting. Because you previously signed up at Zero Rake you will receive 10 Promo Bucks, which can be used as entry into Stage 1 of the tournament. These will be automatically added to your account on September 30th 2004 just before 3pm EST.

To participate in this tournament you must click here and sign up for an account at Holy Cow Poker. If you encounter a problem signing up where your email address is already in the system, please use another valid email address. Click here to go to Holy Cow Poker.

You will receive an email to validate your account before you can play at Holy Cow Poker. To ensure you get this email, please add to your address books prior to signing up.

If you require further assistance, please contact the Holy Cow Poker customer support team at Please remember that the 10 Promo Bucks will be automatically added to your Holy Cow Poker account on September 30th 2004 just before 3pm EST.


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