Yukon Gold email issues

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Aug 25, 2010
What the hell is going on email after email after all day in every language you can think of is anyone else getting this?


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Jan 23, 2011
province of Milano Italy
Measures should be taken.
You are overwhelmed with spam for you to subscribe to their casino.
Then you accuse of abuse of bonuses, which also gives them plenty of contacts in chat, and you block the comps.
Long ago I subscribed to several of their casino following their rules. Few withdrawals.
Suddenly the accusation of abuse of bonuses and comps-locking, even those losers with lottery tickets in tribute.
The usual request for risking a not well-defined amount to regain personal bonuses and comps.
I no longer played by them for several months.
Suddenly, as had been blocked, comps are now callable. Mystery!
Nothing new of course, but no authority intervenes to end these abuses.


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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
I got these too, but all were correctly filed as SPAM, so I have only just found them during a routine audit and clearout of my spam folder.

There are dozens more CR spam mails, but the rest are in English.

Their affiliates are completely out of control, despite the laughable statement that their mailserver only allows use for "permission based mailings".

It seems affiliates can load up any old mailing list, and send out any old crap for all the CR casinos. Most of what is sent breaks the law in the EU, because it is misleading and predatory, and some comes close to those "Nigerian offers".

One says "your email address has won...... click here to claim". This simply downloads the casino, and all your email address has "won" is the welcome bonus available to EVERYBODY. In fact the people LEAST likely to be able to claim their "prize" are those who have received the email.

Others claim a cheque has been awarded by some bogus "awards committee".

The rest is the same as the effluent that comes from other rogue affiliates, where the "free money" turns out to be that MGS free play promotion where you can NEVER claim the money awarded, only up to 100 or 200 you might win from playing it.

The rogue affiliates also cover their asses by having in small print, and right at the bottom "available for new players only".

It seems that the email addresses of online players have found their way into general circulation, despite the promises that our information is "secure". It only takes ONE leak of an email address to cause this, so MOST places DO stick to their word.

These emails come from a different domain than genuine loyalty offers, but one set up deliberately to look "official".


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May 13, 2009
Excuse me skiny, but it became my favourite from this forum, so I cannot leave it out from the place it fits! I hope you don't mind!

Do you remember this, guys? :
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Jul 18, 2011
lmao, funny stuff. I've been annoyed by those emails myself. Sometimes you get them right when you have a ticket in their lottery drawing. Sent them an email back cause I was so pissed off, quickly got an answer from a very friendly support guy doing his best to explain the matter.
Anyhow hope they realize one day they don't need this any longer. Kinda like mg should realize they have enough games as it is and should focus on software matters for now. Still got allot of love left for both though..
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