Yukon Gold 100% guarantee cashback doesn't pay back


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Oct 24, 2006
Leuven - belgium

I found out about Yukon Gold 100% cashback upto 50$ last week through a friend. It states you have to make at least 10 bets and after those bets, if you bust, they'll refund you your deposit. So I did, played about 11 hands of blackjack, bet almost full BR on banker baccarat and lost, and lost the rest on blackjack.

I went to their website, clicked the corresponding button (under promotions-sign up bonus- claim your refund here), and few minutes later got this mail:

Hi Jurgen,

Your claim for the money back guarantee promotion has been received!

It can take up to 2 hours for the request to be processed at which time
we will send you a confirmation email to complete your claim. Thank
you for your patience.

If you have any questions about this promotion, please dont hesitate to
contact our 24/7 support centre and one of the friendly staff there
will be happy to help.

Good luck.

Steven Cooke
Casino Host, Yukon Gold Casino

Half an hour later comes this mail:


Whoops! There seems to be a problem with your redemption. Our systems are showing that you haven't made a purchase - you need to have made a purchase to claim the 100% money back guarantee promotion.

Please contact our 24/7 call centre and one of the friendly staff there will be happy to help.

Good luck.

Steven Cooke Casino Host, Yukon Gold Casino

I replied with my account # (vygr19616658), transaction # and so forth but haven't heard back from them and they're basically refusing to pay me back. What to do?


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might be worth manually reclaiming a few times, sometimes the systems take a while to update to the fact you have deposited.
Their system might have not been just yet updated with your purchase. Email again and see if it works. Also the cashback might have been paid to your casinorewards account at www.casinorewards.com

Still no reaction from them. I emailed them 3 times since the last email I received. The deposit dates from last week friday, so their system had time enough to "update". Their life support is always unreachable. If I don't receive anything by tomorrow I might try calling their support...

Besides, from Casino Rewards I received some 2000 points for doing this promotion, but that's only worth 20$ while my deposit was 50$ and I presume you have to clear those 20$ too first.
Well, last Friday I received a mail from costumer support from Yukon Gold in which they again stated they didn't find any deposit from me. I just replied with all details and a screen shot of the cashcheck page of Yukon Gold. Let's see what they have to say to that...
You are dealing with Casino Rewards CS:D , give them a month to reply, and if you still don't hear back, send them a reminder:D :D

This is so true. Casinorewards has possibly the 2nd worst customer service out there. :lolup:

Hang in there, send them the docs and transaction IDs and keep asking. Awful lot of work for a lousy $50. :mad:
The same thing happened to me so I sent them several emails and talked to their live support and after 2 days the $50 were credited back to my cash balance
Well, after some more emails in which they stated their system was f*cked up the days I made my deposit, I finally received the liberating one which stated they put the 50$ back in my account. Just made the withdrawal and hope to see the money in NETeller this week...

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