you're a bonus abuser if...


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hi all, taking a break from my studies i thought it'd be amusing to compile a list of ways casinos can classify someone as
an "abuser", feel free to add your own to the list below :D

you're a promotional abuser if

* you make one big bet and win
* you make many small bets and not lose
* you win too much at games designed to give the house the egde
* you play too few types of games
* you play too many types of (excluded) games
* you bet too much at a "low risk" game
* you bet too little over the wager requirement
* you live in bad bad countries like china, netherlands, or canada
* you deposit via credit card
* you refuse to hand over your personal credit report for "verification
purposes" to an anonymous overseas internet casino
* you don't have the means of a fax machine or scanner to send in the
* you accept a promotion that was specifically emailed to your personal email
* you moved in the past six years
* you don't want to give out your phone number and have casino
telemarketers call you during your office meeting or family dinner
* you didn't follow a t&c requirement that was changed AFTER you have
* you didn't follow a t&c requirement that was merely suggested but never
clearly spelled out
* you didn't follow a t&c requirement that was never posted
* you truthfully provide your age and was accepted as a player, but
still "under-age" to receive a payout
* you accepted too many promotions, even though you were "invited" by the
casino to participate in every one of them
* you're not satisfied getting paid in installment plans from a casino that
boasts that anyone can win "millions"
* you speak a different language


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you tried to cash out just after small bet amounts comparatively your deposit.

this is not bonus abuse cause they did not give bonus.

global player casino will decline to cash out for seven days
if you small bets in comparison your deposit.
even though they did not clarify this in their terms and conditions.


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if you win and try to cash out then you are a bonus abuser or experienced player.
we will deny it and have right to forfeit players winning (sometimes we can steal even your deposit).

if you lose or burst out your deposit then you are a royal player or recreational gambler.
we will appreciate it and will give you more comp points.


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you forgot all Denmark players are abusers;

you win any amount at any GP/VC casino (sticky or not);

you cash out and then immeadiately re-deposit at BoDog;

you play at any online casino and you could be deemed an abuser, even if a bonus is given or not;


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you're a promotional abuser if

* they feel like it

Guess which accredited casinos with Casinomeister special bonuses have this classic catch-all in their terms?

xxxxxxx management reserves the right to determine whether play has been deemed to be promotion abuse even though there may have been compliance with the above terms and conditions.


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that specific term

That specific term that vesuvio posted is one that the casinos shouldn't definately have. Thats basically a no win situation for the player and a win win situation for the casino. Even if you win we can do what we want. It just zeroes out all the other terms and conditions. Sounds like a nice and regulated business.... NOT.



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Vesuvio said:
Guess which accredited casinos with Casinomeister special bonuses have this classic catch-all in their terms?
If you got the casino via Casinomeister, you know the ropes; if you know the ropes, you can file a complaint if they try to invoke that BS; if you file a complaint, you'll get paid.

Look at Sands Of The Carribean and Kiwi - both Casinomeister "accredited", and both paid.


:lolup: :lolup: :lolup:


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lol i guess i am a bonus a free $15 chip and thought what the heck it is the weekend so give me something to do. Well that blew up in my face! I hit 2500 and can't cashout. Never will take another freebie chip. Guess I learn the

ps when i fund anywhere i never take the bonus...not worth the hassel


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caruso said:
If you got the casino via Casinomeister, you know the ropes; if you know the ropes, you can file a complaint if they try to invoke that BS; if you file a complaint, you'll get paid.
And the answer is... Arthurian Casino, 777 Dragon, Maple Casino, Cinema Casino and Sun Vegas - all VPL casinos and all include the term quoted. e.g.
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.
& see section 7.

I agree if you know about internet forums you can usually get them to pay up in the end, but judging from the Kiwi thread their constant insinuations about "bonus abuse" seem to be having an effect. It's amazing that anyone's willing to consider it "abuse" to play a promotion on allowed games and meet the wr - but they are. It's even more amazing that anyone's willing to see this "abuse" as a reason for confiscating funds rather than a reason to ban future play at a casino - but again, they are. What a great industry :rolleyes: I'd love to see how many days most of these casinos would last if they were forced to be regulated in a country like the UK!


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I agree with you entirely - one is led to believe these operations are "reputable", yet they pull these extraordinary criminal actions out the hat with the same ease of the bottom dwellers, and in so doing they show their true colours as just the same bottom dwellers who've somehow managed to survive with a clean slate for longer.

Indeed, what a sad, sad industry. It makes me laugh.


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here's a few more i thought of :D

you're a promotion abuser if:

*your preferred currency is gbp
*you have ever made a peer-to-peer fund transfer
*you have ever used autoplay, a feature that actually comes with the
casino software
*you signed with more than one casino under the same affiliate group, even though their website actually invites you to open accounts in all their casinos

... i guess the bottom line is that sometimes casinos forget how ridiculous some of their hard line policies actually look to an impartial observer


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Bonus Abuser

You are a bonus abuser if you play at more than one Casino Rewards casinos.



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* You deposit with Neteller
* You play blackjack
* You don't play blackjack
* You take a bonus
* You don't take a bonus
* You breathe


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* Buy a how to win in slots, baccarat, roulette, craps whatever book for 3$ on ebay.


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Casinos that don't want their bonus abused should be fair and state their terms clearly like this casino (beteuro)

Minimum deposit of 50.
This promotion is open only to Real Members making their first purchase at
You must wager the total amount deposited (deposit + promotional bonus+ deposit fees) 15 times in the casino before cashing-in of the bonus will be allowed (sports/horse wagers, poker play and ALL other casino games are excluded).

Couldn't belive :)


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sports/horse wagers, poker play and ALL other casino games are excluded
I had to go the website myself to see if this was true, Thought maybe you were making a joke, but nope, its there.

Guess you are free to wager on the neighborhood shuffleboard game (no, actually that might be considered a sport, so its probably excluded). Seriously, if sports wagers are excluded, and poker is excluded, and all casino games are excluded, what else is there?

I know.....they might let you place a wager on how many people think these T&C are utterly ridiculous.


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Ironically, I used to be a hardcore bonus abuser for four months about two years ago, and never had any problems with sites freezing money. I played at dozens of casinos, often all the members of one group one after the other.

I wasn't even subtle with my wagering either. I'd play strict basic strategy blackjack to churn through a wagering requirement (sometimes even on autoplay where that was allowed) and then withdraw. I'd also optimze my sticky chip bonuses with huge bets.

Somehow I have had no problems with any casinos (except for River Belle trying to impose slots wagering requirement on P100 I left there and forgot about - they did email me to remind me I had the money and didn't end up putting the WR on so really it wasn't a problem).

I guess I have a trustworthy face :D

For any casino representatives out there, I've turned over a new leaf, I promise. Strictly poker these days unless I'm reviewing a new casino.

There's some funny stuff in this thread (as well as the serious point that if a "real" country offered regulation, it would make life much better for everyone).