Your Website Might Be Over Optimized If …


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Dec 16, 2004
Palm Bay Florida
Your Website Might Be Over Optimized If …

There has been a great deal of speculation about the shape and form search engine rankings will take after Google’s chief spam cop Matt Cutts first announced that the search engine is working on devising a new penalty for sites that are “over optimized” or “overly SEOed.”

While speaking during a presentation at SXSW in mid-March, Cutts said that for the past few months Google has been working on a new penalty targeting websites that are overly optimized, and that the new over-optimization penalty would be introduced into search results in the upcoming month or next few weeks.

Cutts indicated that the new over-optimization penalty was being designed to level the playing field between sites that have great content, but can’t seem to rank above sites that have content that isn't as great, but do a better job with search engine optimization. Yet here we are in the middle of April none the wiser as to what an over-optimization penalty actually entails.
P.J. Fusco,
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