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I have a difficulty to believe that my wins are randoms as we're told they are random.

I can have 8 deposit streaks with losses on all the board, and have that one deposit where all games (including pragmatic, various one too) suddenly pay.

with licensing of casino games, does this mean that they have a license to use the game, but that the payout(s) is simply done at casino level rather then provider?
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I havent trawled the threads to see if this has been mentioned elswehere because I am Lazy.... But un-prompted by others a few of my online playing friends have all commented with the same thing in recent times on 2 games wild west gold and Dog House, Suddenly lacking the million teases that you used to get,

No real data to say if getting the feature is any harder but I have to say the teases do seem SIGNIFICANTLY less frequent.

Is this a Visual change that has been made as in theory it wouldnt affect the RTP and maybe the powers that be have said the number of teases was too much and "triggered" players unnecessarily for instance.

whats you comments regarding the streamers that promote your games fiercely and the accusations that they play elevated RTP models and that the average played pays for that by only having access to a lower math model... for instance Roobet have 2% lower RTP on ALL your slots

watch this if you want details

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