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Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
Skins of this network include
Delta Poker (one of the oldest online rooms and the skin I played on)
Pokerpot (formerly now defunct Bigbet skin)
Tipsy Poker
Nuttz Poker
Check or Bet
Senior Poker
Poker Dreams and surely more.

Well I will start with the good. Two of the skins offer 100% bonuses. Support states you can sign up on all skins and receive all first deposit bonuses. Pokeroo offers 100% up to $50, Delta 100% up to $100. The bad news, the bonus is next to impossible to work off. Not by design but simply because of the lack of games that produce pots big enough to count towards the bonus. This point system is identical to Pokerstars. NL and PL rake must reach $.50 1/2 must reach $.75 and 2/4+ must reach $1. The trouble is that a tight 4 handed game isnt going to reach these qualifications to get points going towards the bonus (5 points for every $1 of bonus). I never saw a full game over quarters. A 2/4 game broke out here and there but never filled that I saw, I only once saw more then 2 games and many times never saw any game at all.

The support was A+++++, quick responses that were obvious the person was involved in the site and wanted to help. The players were very polite too, Delta has been known for this for years.

The biggest reason I decided this place is a thumbs down is not because of the lack of players but the terrible rake schedule that leads to it being even harder to clear this bonus.

Only and skins rake 1/2 at 5 cents per $1 that I knew of, this room does also. At one point I figured I would start a 1/2 and got someone to play heads up, the fact that this place rakes $2 pots made it impossible to beat, especially since the pot would need to get to $15 to earn 1/500th of my bonus off. I really am clueless with how with how slow they are how they do not count any raked hand or at least any hand with 25 cents rake.

The 2/4 rake was almost as bad, only Ultimatebet and the ACR skins charge this 25 cents at every $5, all in all the rake is the worst on the net tying only ACR.

Software was adequate, no obvious bugs and ran smoothly with a few options.
keep it up

keep up man....let's analyze all poker site and don't forget to recommend the juicy sites. :thumbsup:

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