your own videoslot, what would it look like


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Jun 28, 2010
Hi all,
I am currently working on a few videoslots (funmode and tournaments only).
And i really wonder what yall as players would like to see in a videoslot.
so i hope you want to share ur thoughts with me.
do you like bonus games or free spins.
What bonusgame/free spins do you like.
do you like wilds or multipliers during free spins or other features?
a few or lots or no wild symbols during regular play?
other features you would like to see?
and what should it look like? theme...

Mirvel wishes all a happy Xmas and a good and healthy New Year.


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Mar 13, 2008
My favourite slots are 15 or 20 lines, allowing for a large range of bet sizes.

I like to have multiple features... both freespins, maybe a pick feature and one that either comes up randomly or on the last reel, so you can hope until the end.

While I enjoy expanding wilds, I'm not too keen on them in the main game, it makes the slot too high variance for my taste... maybe just in the freespins.

I like reel strips that play like reels. And symbols that are distinct enough to tell one from another at a glance.

Oh, and I want to be able to retrigger the freespins.

No zero bonus rounds either.... the trigger alone should pay at least 2x bet back.


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Feb 22, 2001
Hope this is not off-topic, but can anyone recall what happened to those d.i.y. games like MySlots a couple years back?

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Jan 4, 2010
Planet Earth
Occasionally Star City but mostly NSW Leagues Club. I try and avoid playing at clubs and pubs these days because of the low RTP but sometimes go there to have a beer and chillout after work.

I used to love that Orchid game. Havent seen it in years.