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Your opinions on this current matter please

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by Azzurri, Jan 16, 2015.

    Jan 16, 2015
  1. Azzurri

    Azzurri Banned User

    Non of your business
    From Foil Land
    Hi all,

    Firstly, this issue is with a current favorite site, and I am awaiting a response from the rep who I know won't respond until Monday earliest. Hence, this is purely for discussion and debate, and I will not be revealing the sites name or rep, so as to respect their right of response in private, and also avoid discrediting a good site unfairly, given their current response may be considered fair, or a fairer offer may still present itself. This also may, with a little prayer, become a non issue either way once the rep responds. Hopefully. :D

    It's also an odd incident I have never experienced before, so I am currently desensitized emotionally from the incident, because it's hard to know how to feel when you are to blame for a mistake (I of course consider a honest and unintentional mistake), the casino involved has a great rep, and you're genuinely unsure if the offered resolution was adequate, and should be accepted as fair.

    Anyway, the easiest way to describe the incident, is to paste my messages back and forth with CS via email. My initial concerns I sent are first, followed by CS's response, and then my opinions on that ruling I sent back:



    I was playing on your mobile site and made a huge mistake I'm hoping can be reversed in good faith?

    Since my deposit I have been playing and sticking to the same bet range on the slots between 75 cents and $1.50.

    I decided to play one of your new slots 'The Lab', and having not played that slot before, I thought I correctly adjusted the bet per spin to 90 cents.

    To my horror, I made my first spin and realized I had in fact set the wager amount to $90, and not 90 cents!

    Considering I only had a starting balance of approximately $101.00, I'm hoping you'll consider reinstating my session prior to that spin, as it should be obvious I wouldn't have meant that wager amount considering my balance, and prior play history before this incidence.

    I'm really upset I made such an error, and I do take responsibility for not being more vigilant, but hopefully as a regular customer you may show some empathy on this occasion, seeing as it was an honest mistake. I have not played on after this incident, so my account has been left as it was for your own assessment.

    Sorry for any inconvenience I've caused.

    Thank you,

    CS Agent:

    Hi Azzurri,

    Thank you for your mail.

    I really understand your predicament and I am sorry for what happened. I have been in that situation myself and I know how annoying it is to suddenly find out that it wasn't 90 cents or 1 dollar but 90 or 100 dollar.

    Of course we have to take responsibility for these mistakes but they are nevertheless - or maybe because of that - a very frustrating experience. Because we really think that it was an honest mistake we have credited you a bonus of 25 Dollar as a goodwill gesture. I hope this bonus finds you well.

    Should you have any further questions please contact us again and we will help you as good as we can. You can reach us via chat, mail and phone.

    Best regards,


    Hi XXXXX,

    I'm really sorry to say that I find that a little unfair that you would still seek to benefit financially from my clear uncharacteristic mistake. Like I said, I know I'm accountable for my mistake, and I know you have to be vigilante of scammers, but surely I am an obvious example of a regular and legitimate customer, who on this one occasion made an innocent, but big error, and wouldn't have done so purposely, given it was close to my whole balance, and doing so would not only be stupid, but also cause the hopefully prolonged playing session, to be over in one second after one spin.

    I know I have to wear it, but I thought, maybe in blind hope, that given the obvious factors surrounding my incident, you just may be understanding enough to realize it clearly wasn't a bet lost to you in fairness, or with the willing intent, I the punter should have under regulated services looking to promote 'In the spirit of the game' ideologies. .

    I have always been a fair player, and have given you know prior reason to make you consider over-wise; hence if the roles were reversed, and you accidentally credited me $90 I wasn't intended to receive, I would, and of course would be expected to, notify you immediately, and allow you to correct the mistake and take the funds back. Correct?

    I honestly don't see how this incident is any difference, given the clear evidence showing it was not intentional, nor even logical for me to make that wager given my most immediate, and prolonged prior game play and wagering during that session.

    I really wish you would please consider re-crediting that accidental $90 wager in good faith, even if against usual company protocol.

    It would cement you as a fair and honest vendor in my mind, hence winning you my continued repeat support and business. I've only just starting playing here a little after straying from my regular sites for the first time, so it would be disappointing to get off on this note.



    I know full well the casino's response may be fair in the black and white scheme of things, but (and maybe wrongfully? I ask you please) I'm hoping common sense and familiarity with a customer might account for a slight deviation of the ruling in good faith on an occasion like this, when it's obvious no malice was intended, and the casino really shouldn't seek to benefit unfairly, when on any other occasion, I know all to well it would be fair to say the casino won fair and square off a disgruntled loser, who knew what he was doing, and proceeded knowing the risks vs. rewards (which I hope I am far from).

    I haven't had a reason to post a thread like this in a while, so thought I would now, given this matter is currently happening to me, and also an unpleasant and annoying distraction I did not want after looking forward to a hopefully longer session. I hope of gaining some opinions and thoughts from all of you, as to whether you think the CS rep's resolution is fair given the mistake I clearly made, and should I be happily accepting? I should mention I make no claims it wasn't my own error that led to this, and I am, and remain, 100% accountable for my actions throughout.

    Please note all, I am not seeking offensive or irrational comments telling me to accept my mistake, move on, and get over it; nor such classics as 'I'm lucky to be offered anything and should get nothing!'. Whilst probably all those harsh barbs may contain some truth, and perhaps are worthy of consideration by the parties involved, they're not overly useful or helpful discussion responses to me. I've also played long enough for those thoughts to have already entered my mind for consideration, given I've never experienced this before, and am willing to consider all advice and suggestions.

    I'd prefer instead if you could state how you would feel, react, respond, and ultimately look to conclude matters regarding this incident, if you were approaching it from my 'corner'.

    Whether you think you may know my exact personal opinions at this current time, I'd like an unbiased response if possible, regardless of whether you think I may find the response favorable or not. I can take honest and disappointing truths, as long as they are projected and delivered politely and respectfully. There is no right or wrong answer as far as I'm concerned, hence I'm seeking opinions as an added resource I can refer to whilst processing this all myself and waiting for the reps response.

    Thanks for reading if it wasn't too long for you, and sorry if the wording and grammar is a bit all over the place, however it is late here and I've just got home from celebrating my grandmother's 89th birthday. Yes you know how crazy those 89th's can get!! :eek2:

    Azzurri :)
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  2. Jan 16, 2015
  3. sigothx1

    sigothx1 Experienced Member

    Civil servant
    My opinion for what its worth, First and foremost ask yourself a question, only you know the true answer to it and no matter what you put here because your not in the situation, you cant really give an honest answer, the question is this, that $90 spin, lets say you got a bonus round for 500x, unlikely in 1 spin but not impossible, now you have $45,000 sat in your balance, would you contact the rep and tell him to please delete $44,399 as you didn't intend to spin at $90? I very, very, VERY much doubt you would, i personally wouldn't id be to busy dancing around like a moron.

    That said, lets see what the casino have done, they have gave you back 30% of the spin as a good will gesture, personally i think this is more than fair, as if this casino gets named and im sure its going to be, whats to stop me, or anyone else from going on that said site, spinning $100 spin and then saying it was a mistake, we now know this caisno will give us something back, so in my mind its worth the risk to try.

    i truly believe you didn't intend to spin at that level, and im sorry it happened, but at-least youll be triple checking your amount per spin before you load a slot, i was guilty of this myself last year at redbet, luckily they took lenience, so i do hope you get a result your happy with, but that's my opinion for what its worth.
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  4. Jan 16, 2015
  5. aceking123

    aceking123 Ueber Meister CAG PABnononaccred MM

    how can anyone comment on what you've just written , i one side your asking opinions yet on the other your stating you don't want any comments with take it on the chin etc etc

    seem to me CS hasnt really done anything wrong or the casino , clearly whilst gambling before you play any game your first point is to check the coins & bets before even thinking about clicking that spin button ) you aren't a newbie player one would of thought this here

    your a seasoned player , you know to check before placing bets

    however i do feel for you we've all done it , but even when i did it , i didn't ask for a top up of my account, it was my mistake ;)
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  6. Jan 16, 2015
  7. Finn

    Finn Senior Member MM

    The advertised maximum win with that bet size seems to be 276k.

    What if you had won that, would you have been fine with them fixing that into 2.76k?

    Some people get kicks out of betting occasionally much higher than their usual bet, if someone enjoys occasionally betting x100 higher than their usual bet, then it would be outrageous if casino decided to fix their winnings down because of them betting higher than their usual, unless they were using bonus and bonus rules banned that.

    Casino can't read your mind, they can't know if you are someone who likes to bet x100 their usual bet once or couple times a year, or whether you did that accidentally. Since it would be outrageous if they "fixed" down winnings of a customer who does that intentionally, when he doesn't use bonus or bonus rules don't ban that high bets, that means that offer is more than fair.

    If you had active bonus, and the casino had bonus rules that ban that high bet sizes or bet size fluctuation, meaning that you could not have won anything, then that might be somewhat lame, though many casinos still would give nothing back even in that case.
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  8. Jan 16, 2015
  9. bruinsdude

    bruinsdude Senior Member PABinit mm1

    I think if there is no history of large bets on the account, you have a point, you have a case, and the rep may decide to do an additional credit over the 30% of your bet they did give back to you already.
    I would not hold my breath for it to happen, and would not hold it against them if they aren't able to compensate. Let's use a simple analogy. If you go to a petrol station, and every time you buy the cheap gas, and even the rep inside knows you only ever buy the cheap gas, but for some reason you pushed pumped and filled the premium gas....do you think there is even a chance you will pay the price for the discount gas for the premium gas you received? Probably not even a consideration. The casino is well within their rights to offer nothing, they have gone above and beyond IMO to compensate anything.
    That being said, if you have developed a long term relationship with said casino, they may put your satisfaction over and above what is fair, and do something extra for you to keep you a happy customer.
    I am sorry to see this happen to you, and I would be climbing the walls in frustration if that were to happen to me, but as another poster suggested, imagine if you had won a big one!

    Let us know how it all turns out. If it is the casino I am thinking it is, you should get further compensation :)
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  10. Jan 16, 2015
  11. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

    I would kick myself in the ass and move on. I wouldn't ask for my money back since I knew I had made a mistake. Time to find something else to do instead of making problems for other people who had nothing to do with my error. That's what I would do - but that's me.
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  12. Jan 16, 2015
  13. funnymunny

    funnymunny Sometimes here, always 'away' webby

    Isle of Man, Macau or Vegas
    With the greatest of respects, how do they know it's an "uncharacteristic mistake" if you've only just started playing there?

    Agree with these three ^
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  14. Jan 16, 2015
  15. dunover

    dunover Unofficial T&C's Editor Staff Member CAG PABnononaccred PABnonaccred PABinit mm3 webmeister

    International Money Launderer
    the bus shelter, opposite GCHQ Benhall
    All I can say is tough it wasn't a winning spin! :(

    It's a hard one to call. If you buy an expensive bottle of scotch in the supermarket, walk out and drop it would you expect another FOC to replace it, regular customer or not?

    Had the spin won, would you have even mentioned it?

    I 100% believe you made a genuine error, as I have done similar a few times but admittedly not that high.

    The casino can't 'unring the bell' and restore your session, as the spin has been audited and accounted for. The best would be to hope for the whole amount back as a chip with a low WR of 10-15x say.

    But they don't have to give you a cent, and the $25 chip a decent gesture.

    The risks of full recompense from the casino are simply far too high as it would encourage 'deliberate errors' IMO, even amongst established players.
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  16. Jan 16, 2015
  17. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom
    If you had won big from that spin, would you have expected the casino to pay or reinstate your balance from before the spin?

    If the casino would have been prepared to pay up, then the player should also be prepared to "pay up". The $25 bonus should be seen as a goodwill gesture for their new game having somewhat confusing bet adjustments, rather than being set at an amount equal to the loss.

    I would normally think "sod it, shame it didn't hit the bonus", as I would have expected to get paid had I benefitted from the mistake.

    I have made this mistake before, and on one occasion I did intentionally raise my bet in stages as the game was "hot", ending on £67.50 on Munchkins, and hit the free spins on that first spin. It paid £10,000, and the casino paid up. I was bonus banned though :D
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  18. Jan 16, 2015
  19. coxwel

    coxwel Senior Member PABnononaccred MM

    I also think you shouldnt press on them, they dont have to pay you anything back at all. I would also agree that if the spin would have been a winner you would have called yourself lucky for doing that mistake ;)

    Don´t get me wrong, i truly believe that it was a mistake on your side and can feel the frustration of it, you planned a longer session had a nice 100 bucks in your account, then it´s gone within a spin ;(
    This happened to myself some months ago @ superlenny. Was accidentialy clicking max bet and spun 25€ away on victorious. I bite myself in the ass for doing it, also i had a bonus active and already won a nice sum, therefor i also broke the maxbet rule. What I did was, i opened livechat and prayed!! they wouldnt take this as an excuse not to pay my winnings after wr, as i clearly broke the maxbet rule. The agent was cool, promised me it would be no problem i could go on. And I can count myself lucky it happened to me @ such an reputable place, iam sure others would have used this to void all winnings. What I wanted to tell you is, the least thing i was thinking about was to ask for any refund. I didnt even think about it as it was ME who pressed spin, stupid but it happens. You should thank them for their goodwill and the freechip, at least you should stop complaining to them, as that would be not fair. I know it´s bad, but hey :rolleyes:
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  20. Jan 16, 2015
  21. chayton

    chayton aka LooHoo CAG PABnonaccred webmeister

    Freelance Designer
    Edmonton Canada
    I recently had a similar experience at Guts and I contacted Ben - I wasn't asking for a refund, I was just telling him what happened, and I was surprised (and happy!) that he gave me the amount of the bet back. Same thing, it was an unfamiliar game and the total bet amount wasn't showing where I expected it to be. Still it was my mistake and I was expecting to eat it, but I wanted to complain about it first. ;)

    In another case a long time ago at another casino I accidentally bet max bet and it was only for $15 and there was nothing they could do.

    Basically, anything you get back is really just goodwill - they're not obligated in any way to give you anything at all, so having support offer you even PART of your bet back is really quite nice, and pretty unusual.

    But I'd wait and see what the rep says anyhow and hope for the best.
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  22. Jan 16, 2015
  23. Mousey

    Mousey Ueber Meister Mouse

    Pencil Pusher
    I've made same mistake both online - made a $25 deposit and goofed on the denom and first spin was $25 spin which paid naught; and in B&M casino - put a $20 into the machine and accidently hit max bet ($16) rather than repeat bet. It happens... we get distracted, or forget some casino machines reset to some gawdawful default bet and see the bet just as we've hit the button, or whatever -- we screw up. I got my money back in neither instance... didn't even try.
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  24. Jan 16, 2015
  25. cmonchels

    cmonchels Dormant account

    United Kingdom
    I did this very early on in my discovery of playing online slots, it was with a company where I was a regular customer on with both poker and sports betting so at the time I was angry and annoyed when they refused to give me my money back for the spin as I was relatively new to slots/casino but after really thinking about it the reasoning was fair, I was not very nice to the rep I spoke to and the next day sent an apology to him, it was my mistake.

    if I had won huge from my mistake I asked myself would I have done anything other than celebrate? I'd be very surprised if there was an individual out there who would insist the casino take back a huge win from a mistake like this.

    How would I have felt if they contacted me and asked me if I could give them back the winnings in 'good faith' as it's clear I never bet that that high and made a mistake?

    It was a very nice gesture to throw you a 25 chip and I'd personally thank the rep, move on and always insure you have it right before you hit that spin button, good luck.
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  26. Jan 16, 2015
  27. Azzurri

    Azzurri Banned User

    Non of your business
    From Foil Land
    Thanks for the responses all.

    I'm about to hit the hay, and haven't yet had a detailed read of everyone's comments, but will tomorrow and return the courtesy of replying to all of you.

    Just a couple of quick points I would like to clarify that I noticed popped up more than once.

    I have never, ever made a wager that large at any casino before, and could only dream of being in the financial position to do so, lol. I usually now stick between 0.40c - $1.50, only rarely upping my bets to maybe $3 - $6 max, only if I'm lucky enough to get my balance up to the $700 - $1,200 mark. Even on those rare occasions the higher bets aren't prolonged, as I've found more luck seems to come around the $1.50 - $2.50 mark regardless of whether my balance has increased nicely.

    Even when I was a little more adventurous in my 'higher rolling' days, I still would rarely go above $9 per spin with any regulatory.

    Quite simply, I think $90 a spin is complete madness, and I would never bet that amount regardless of whether the soul of ol' snake eyes himself Jerry Lewis possessed me, and I started getting an uncontrollable lucky twitch that meant I couldn't lose! Further more, as stated, I had been playing on and off for quite a few hours prior, and my betting patterns back up the description I gave regarding my current approach.

    As I said, yes I would like the outcome to be favorable to me as I've made obvious, however I am not stating that I demand that outcome, and thought I made it quite clear, that I'm aware of the most likely outcome, and whilst I'd be disappointed, I wouldn't take it to heart and then slander the casinos name or anything silly like that. I'm also not looking for a quick freebie for losing. I'm merely asking the question, could a legitimate player be forgiven for an error that clearly shows it was a genuine accident.

    To follow on from that, whilst also addressing the 'what if' scenario, I find this comparison many referred to most interesting.

    Many of you presume that had I made that spin and won, I would most likely say nothing and collect the winnings. Many of you have come to this conclusion by putting yourself in my shoes, and contemplating what you would do.

    Well, with all due respect, I don't actually believe many of you would infact keep the winnings, let alone myself, and here's why.

    I think if we won, or imagine winning, our first reaction and thoughts are very primal in nature, and in true survivor style, our instincts tell us that win is ours, and we're claiming it! However, and a variation of this is the reason I questioned if the casino should re-credit me, once those genetic selfish instincts subside, the evolved characteristics we have developed start to take over.

    These characteristics include reason, integrity, guilt, honesty, and fear but to name a few. I honestly believe the majority of you, would after careful consideration, come to the same decision, and that would be to report the large win that came due to an innocent accident, and uncharacteristic and irregular betting pattern.

    The way I came to that conclusion is, I would assume anyway that any large win coming from a bet that size, almost 90x your usual stake, and at that moment of the spin just shy of 90% of your entire balance, would quite quickly raise some red flags, and be followed by an investigation into irregular play or the like. Not only would I assume there is a good chance the casino could withhold those winnings, but you are also then at risk of damaging your reputation as an honest and trustworthy customer permanently, and I dare say damaging any chance of maintaining a solid relationship with the casino or rep, or possibly nurturing a new bond.

    Basically you are adding a black mark against your name over a win fall you're not guaranteed of receiving, whilst comprising your core beliefs and ideals, for the purpose of greed essentially.

    Now can you all still share that view and assume we both take that win? I think if your answers still yes, then you just might be underestimating yourselves, and I know you are I.

    The main reason I decided to contact support and see if it was open to negotiation, is I asked myself, if I suddenly discovered any amount of money in my account that I knew wasn't mine, or something I had earnt, would I contact support to return it? Well, borrowing from those points above, and whether you choose to take me on my word, my answer was yes I would contact support. If it happened to be a huge win derived from a $90 spin, as much as it would hurt, I'd still contact support, because believe it or not, I am a law abiding, God fearing person, and I know from seeing it with my own eyes, greed and guilt will eat you alive much quicker than self respect and integrity. I also am a huge believer in karma and the power of the energy we omit, and the cosmic foot print we leave across the various vibrations, frequencies, and waves we survive by. That's another discussion, but I think you catch my drift.

    I won't be overly bothered if I lose it all, as like many of you touched on, it sucks when it happens, but we have to cop it, and believe me I have previously accidently hit the max bet button before and wiped out smaller balances with small max stakes. However on these occasions I was comfortable with knowing, that it would almost be impossible to prove it wasn't intentional given the max stakes in those examples were often within my usual bet range anyway, and it didn't appeal to me to have to go through the possibly long process of a discussion or investigation over the matter. However, on this occasion, I just thought given the extreme circumstances regarding stake amount, previous history, balance at the time of the incident, and prompt notification, I just might be lucky enough to warrant some leniency on the off chance the casino is willing to assess incidents on their merit, on the off chance an honest customer makes a legitimate mistake that is kind of cruel.

    I know the casinos aren't obligated to do anything given the error was admittedly mine, but I'm just of the gentle opinion that much like many of us can accept and be patient of some casinos smaller inconveniences, perhaps this could be one of those occasions where the customer could also.

    I hadn't planned to respond that much, but oh well.

    Just quickly, I am a newer customer of this site, but not of the group, and yes I always check my stake and settings before play like a good little seasoned player, however I wasn't familiar with this slot, so the mistake was made due more to an error in vision or a trick on the eyes, as being unfamiliar with the stake menu, I selected $90 obviously convinced it was 0.90c. Stupid I know, but not the most outrageous mix up you could imagine.

    Like I said, I'm not here to win sympathy or votes, as I perfectly understand the reasoning behind the opposing argument, as I myself aren't even 100% opposed to it, however, it's a new and wonderfully weird occurrence I was interested to share and in turn receive varying thoughts and opinions.

    I know some of you don't know me too well, or perhaps even like me all that much, and that's fine, but just know that what I say should be taken exactly as it reads, and there's no mysterious sub plots or secret details being withheld.

    For all my perceived and often justifiably debated faults, one thing I'm not is a scheming or manipulative type, looking for an unwarranted freebie, or special treatment not afforded to anyone else.

    I strongly believe in fair play from both sides, casinos and players, as it's ultimately the only way to achieving the holy grail within this industry. For players a fair and enjoyable playing field void of prejudice or fear of rogues, and for casino operators, players that can be trusted to do the right thing, not knowingly set out to exploit or abuse the privilege afforded to them, and hopefully both being able to rely on honesty and integrity as being the base or core of all customer /casino relations.

    It's not an easy task due to the number of creeps still out there, but we have to still believe that there are still honest and trustworthy customers about, otherwise we have nothing more than fear and paranoia to trust in. :(

    Long rant over, however I hope I convered most glaring points raised, even if I struggled to maintain the quick and shortened response I earlier claimed I would provide.

    Apologize to those who hate long posts, and for any grammar and punctuation errors that may jump out. I'm struggling to keep my eyes open whilst writing this, but just couldn't stop half done. I will return later today, this Sunday morning. :eek:;)
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  28. Jan 16, 2015
  29. Jasminebed

    Jasminebed Cool old lady

    Not in workforce
    If you had a bonus active with max bet restrictions where any win would have voided any win, then I think they should restore your balance.

    If no max bet restriction, then their goodwill gesture is fair enough. IMO $45 to meet in the middle would be fairer.

    I loaded up The Lab in demo mode... bet size and betting style are not typical, but seemed clear enough in PC. Mobile platforms are particularly vunerable to clumsy fingers though.
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  30. Jan 16, 2015
  31. Casino2014man

    Casino2014man Non-Gambler

    United Kingdom
    This happened to me years ago at skybet, when I first started playing.

    They told me its my own fault, and if I had won on it I would have taken the £££.

    Unfair at the time, but now I agree!
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  32. Jan 16, 2015
  33. Azzurri

    Azzurri Banned User

    Non of your business
    From Foil Land
    I'm happy to be told any one of the obvious and unnecessary catch phrases that are relevant here buddy, that is of course if you honestly think I wouldn't already be going over them myself in my head, listening to them repeatedly as spoken to by myself, lol.

    I didn't mean it like that mrjones, and sorry if I confused you, however my comments were meant to simply act as a reminder and deterrent to anyone just wanting to throw those type of comments around without any explanation or reasoning. In other words, simply to take a free shot whilst Azzurri's on show above the water tank. I was just trying to avoid any derail before it could start, by asking that any such comments, be delivered respectfully, rather than perhaps a little maliciously just for the sake of it.

    Good news; I appreciate all the comments thus far, and take all of them on board for what they are. Fair and honest opinions if you were in my shoes.

    All I was after. ;)
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  34. Jan 16, 2015
  35. Azzurri

    Azzurri Banned User

    Non of your business
    From Foil Land

    No bonus involved jasmine.

    Look, it was only $100 at the end of the day, and I can appreciate it may look a certain way, but I can assure you my reasons for eventually deciding to follow it up, was not because I was upset at losing, or couldn't afford to lose it. For me it was more centered around the topics of fairness, and initiating an open mutual dialogue, to see if common ground can be truly uncovered, and if the gestures of goodwill, good faith, and maybe importantly, the benefit of the doubt, can still be mutually shared both ways, or if the parasites on both ends within this sector, have damaged that possibility beyond repair.

    One thing I do wish for however, and that is the video footage of my face when I hit that first spin, and simultaneously noticed my balance automatically drop $90.

    Lol, I can remember going through so many different emotions initially, and all within a 15 second span. Ranging from casual bliss at the anticipation of knowing you're about to snuggle into a hopefully fun session just before hitting that first spin, to the confused dismay once you hit that spin, see your balance drop, and come to the realization that, yes stupid, you just unwittingly wagered your whole playing balance in one hit, you dimwit!

    Then it was just followed by embarrassed self ridicule and laughter. It's all you really can do I guess. :oops:
  36. Jan 16, 2015
  37. funnymunny

    funnymunny Sometimes here, always 'away' webby

    Isle of Man, Macau or Vegas
    Regardless of the second part of your sentence, if you wagered & won, all winning would / should be yours.

    Sorry, but I don't agree at all. It is your money you said were are wagering. It is up to you how you spend it & regardless of what the casinos view is of your betting patterns, they are allowing you to make the bet, so any winnings gained from it should not damage any form of relationship. (If it does, I would suggest that the casino is not the kind of place I would give my business to).

    Why wouldn't the money be yours? You initiated the wager with your own funds, so any profit made from that wager would be yours.

    You have broken no laws or committed any sins by collecting the winnings of a legitimate wager (whether initiated though accident or intention).

    So who's to say the karma wouldn't have been yours in giving you the big payout... Perhaps paying you back for being law abiding & god fearing? Maybe even karma against the casino for any previous unfair treatment of players?

    Just my 2c & we can agree to disagree... I just think that perhaps you're thinking too much about the situation. It happened & it sucks, so perhaps this is karma telling you to think more about how you're spending your money?

    Anyways, whatever happens, try not to dwell on it for too long. If nothing else, you used it to initiate some healthy debate in the forum :thumbsup:
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  38. Jan 17, 2015
  39. chayton

    chayton aka LooHoo CAG PABnonaccred webmeister

    Freelance Designer
    Edmonton Canada
    As for me, if I accidentally bet some outrageous amount and won I'd be thrilled - there was a thread here awhile back where people were posting about that. Unfortunately it's never happened to me so I don't know if I'd feel guilty or not. :oops:
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