Your Olympic Memories


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Jun 15, 2007
Some excellent moments.

For me Usain Bolt, winning the 100m & 200m in world record times was amazing. To cap it he was in the winning 4x100m relay team in another world record time. Anyone who remember Michael Johnson or US relay teams will appreciate the stunning performances.

Michael Phelps??? Ridiculous amount of medals and records. I'm not a swimming fan but that was stunning.

Phelps was crap in the 2000 games. As a 15 year old he only managed a 5th. What a loser.

He did a little better in the 2004 games, he fluked 6 gold and 2 bronze medals.

This year he did a little better, he managed to get the 8 golds he should have got as a 15 year old but to make up for it, he threw in 7 world records. What a crawler!


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Mar 4, 2007
yeah that would be right up there for me also.Usain Bolt's 100m race was amazing and he could have gone a lot faster.

The other was judo or karate- the match up was funny, you had a USA guy who was 6foot something and weighed 100kilo plus against a asian guy who was about 5foot nothing and weighed probably one of the USA guys legs.

They started to fight and the small asain guy tried to flip the USA guy LOLOLOLOLOL over his shoulder and if I ever saw an epic fail this was one.
The USA guy literally just fell on the Asian guy like a plomp andf that was the fight lolol- I still have a chuckle over it.


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Sep 18, 2004
So after I forget the women's gymnastics "competitions," I will most remember some extremely nice Aussies I befriended............friendships that hopefully last longer than a few gold medals.......;)

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