Your landbased casino?


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Oct 2, 2008
This might be in the wrong thread so please move it if it is =)
Anyways, I was thinking the other day, or hour to be correct how your landbased casinos are. There are so many T&C´s to look at in todays online gamilng, but what are the rules at your casino?

Here, we only have one casino in i think 4 cities (sweden) and they are all own and run by the state. To get access at all you need to have turned 20 and u need to show valid ID and have your picture taken when entering (unless u were there previously, then they will just "click your picture in)
You are allowed to drink inside, all u have to pay for yourself, they have no comps at all, when it comes to hotel, drinks or food.
They are more than willing to let buy drinks, but if they think that you are drunk - you´re out the door =)
You also have to be "dressed up" to get in. not over fancy, but no way could you get in with holes in your clothes or shoes that dont match =)

So, what are the "rules" at your casino?


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Apr 14, 2004
The rules at my land based casino?

Walk in
No ID required unless win is $1200 USD or more.
They are open 24/7
You may get asked for ID if you are under 21 / look under 21.
The payouts have been good lately, better than online.

I normally play with a points card so I can get comped rooms, food and beverages. No Alcohol is served on the casino floor but they do have a bar. Frankly, I've completely quit gambling online for close to 4 months now after no longer being able to win anything. My results have been much better just getting in the car and driving 1 hour. I'm the guy who made 102 deposits at RTG's this year with no wins.


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Apr 4, 2008
But I bet they don't let you play in your underwear or pijamas.

Actually in Vegas I have seen people playing in their pj's on more than one occasion.

I have been visiting land based casinos less and less over the years. Probably about 200 total lifetime trips to Vegas or Louisiana....and there were maybe 4 or 5 times where I actually brought back more than I came with. And on those occasions it was maybe just a few hundred more. Never had any real luck playing at land based casinos...i'd rather take my chances online.


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Jan 30, 2007
Texas, USA
Most of my play is in Louisiana and Tunica, except when we are on a road trip.

Walk in. If you look young then expect to be carded. Legal age is 21.

Play. Drink if you want to. Drinks are free so you can drink all you want I guess unless you make a jackass out of yourself and then Bubba and Baby Brother will escort you out nicely. :D

Win or Lose. Depending on how lucky you are.

Cashout (hopefully)

That's about it. I play with a player's card. I never pay for food or meals.

I don't believe they would care a whole lot if I played in my PJ's as long as you weren't showing skin.


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May 15, 2010
Seneca Allegany casino in New york is my palace. Love it there, they treat me like a king everytime. Penthouse suite when I go, jacuzzi next to the bed, $150 in free slot dollars, $200 in food credits, pass the to chairmans club (free drinks and food in a quiet little lounge) . Most USA casinos you have to be playing to get the free drinks, but they only let good players in there so its never crowded. Clean professional casino, good payouts, excellent food, and I have an amazing casino host as well. Its well worth the 2 hour drive.


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Mar 22, 2010
I am headed to the IP casino in Biloxi tomorrow for 3 nights (jacuzzi room) 100.00 food credit and 250.00 free play..All comp...I love it there.Its on what the call casino row..There are about 9 or 10 casinos in the area..All offer Great deals..But ya gotta get the players club card..Though I haven't visited the oters before..Haveing a Great time at the IP..This time I am hopeing to..I have hit a 3500.00 jp a 4150.00 jp and a 12,000.00 jp all at the IP..Which is probably why such good comp's ..Thay want there money back..... .I live in Tampa bay..takes about 8-9 hrs drive..We have the Indian Hard Rock in Tampa.About 35 minute away.But the place is soooo tight and ya don't even get a free beer..Its like 4;50.....But the land base are great.....Sorry to babble..But I am pretty excited..............:thumbsup: