Your favourite non-accredited casinos


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Jul 30, 2014
Hello guys & gals,

we all love to play at our tried and trusted accredited casinos. Nobody wants any hassle when it comes to withdrawals or any other trouble related to our beautiful hobby.
And if the unlikely event occurs there is always a friendly rep that helps us.

Sometimes we dare to play at non-accredited casinos and even make very good experiences doing that so I thought about a little brainstorming of our knowledge.
There might be some rough diamonds around we haven't stumbled over yet.

I'd like to start with my favourite non-accredited casinos (There are actually a couple of other places I would recommend everybody without hesitation but this are the ones i'd like to start with):

-Buck and Butler (Netent, ISoftBet): I actually like the name of the casino and the live-chat sometimes open the chat via "how may I serve you today" :). Never hat any trouble playing at this place. There is a reasonably small flat-fee for withdrawals of 3 EUR. KYC was done pain-free. Small little drawback is the max. cashout of 10,000 EUR when playing with bonuses (might be relevant for games like DOA).

-Casino Cruise (Netent, Microgaming, Play'n go, Nyx): Funny enough after registration and even before making my first deposit I was called by one of their agents making me an "VIP-member" and eligible for a weekly 25% bonus. That aside they have proven to be top-notch in terms of customer-support, game-selection and frequent/fair promotions (x40b).

-Casino Loco(Netent, Microgaming, Play'n go): Okay frankly I don't like the design of their page. Seeing all these crazy faces while gambling is nothing I actually need to have. I did not play often there but that's mainly due to the big competition.

-Euroslots (Netent, Microgaming): Probably many of you know them. Just a fantastic site to play at. The withdrawals are really done in lightning speed.

-Playhippo (Microgaming, Netent, Betsoft): They charge a pretty substantial 3% fee on your deposits (Iam a medium depositor so this can easily sum up to 15-20 EUR for a deposit). They give you a huge chunk of free-spins every week depending on your deposit. Last week I got 500 free spins (took ages to click them through) and was lucky enough to turn that into a w/d of 1000 EUR. I accidentally played a few spins over their max-bet but customer-support quickly told me that I don't need to worry. :thumbsup:

-Thrills (Microgaming, Netent, Play'n go, Nextgen, Thunderkick): They just joined the BBF but I still like to mention them since they are truly outstanding.

All the mentioned casinos pay quickly or very quickly (under 24h). All of them are also flash-based which is nothing I particularly fancy.
I also like microgaming/playtech download clients but I sticked to the accredited casinos here in the past.

I hope you can give some input, too. Maybe there are some recommendations I'd be able to check over the weekend.


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May 13, 2014
Shouldn't really say this so I'll whisper :p....

Over many years of online play I've never had an issue with casinos whether accredited or not.

Whether it comes to cash outs, bonuses, ID checks etc, I've been very lucky over the years.

However since joining CM, to be honest I do tend to stick to Accredited casinos, I have started to make the odd deposit at Casino Rewards (who I think are in reservation list) after they approached me with the 'Returning Player Bonus'

The idea was that a couple of deposits would 'lift' my bonus ban or so they suggested, nowt happening yet but guess its early days.

I also played a lot at (now Dr Vegas) long before they became accredited with no fuss

Hope this helps :)


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Jan 17, 2014
Northern Ireland
There's plenty of rock-solid casinos out there that aren't accredited and probably never will be. Some are so big they simply don't feel the need to come on board with Casinomeister.
BetVictor springs to mind - a huge bookmaker, with a great casino (MG, NetEnt and several other providers). I've withdrawn thousands from BetVictor with no hassle whatsoever, no request for docs or anything.
To borrow the meister's phrase: "I would recommend them to my best friend" :thumbsup:


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Feb 13, 2013
United Kingdom
Any of the progressplay casinos, Get a few errors if i play between 8-11pm other than that i have been quite lucky at most of them, and they offer good bonuses every week.

Withdrawals are extremely slow so if you are a person who gets sudden urges to reverse, don't play there.

In the past 2 months i have won 1300 on 10 quid deposit at hippozino, 400 on 12 quid deposit from dazzle, 325 from 20 quid at casinomoolah, 200 from 2 quid bonus from vegasparadise. 600 from 17 quid deposit at superscratch. So u can see why i like them,

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