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Jun 23, 2006

Undoubtedly all designers and Web masters use some programs for the protection of their computer. Let us allow - AD and banner blockers antiviruses, anti-spies, etc... a question that you do use?
as for me
Antivirus - Kasperskiy 6
Firewall - Agnitum Outpost pro
AD and banner blocker - Anti AD guard Anti spam - Anti spam guard
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Casinomeister said:

I don't block banners or ads because I like to see who's doing what.

You it pleases itself to look at any boring banners and pop-up`s windows?
:) the nonstandard desire
I don't block them either.

I want to be the first to know if I get some spyware or trojan and I want to kill the thing right away and not have it fester unbeknownst to me, slowing down my computer and messing with things.

There are so few pops around these days, it's not a big problem like it used to be.

To me, knowing exactly what goes on on my computer at all times way outweighs having to click away one pop a day.

I do use Macaffee and Zonealarm, PGP and several spyware removers.
I use:

Norton Antivirus
Webroot Spy Sweeper
Spyware Doctor

And, I run inside of VMware to keep anything malicious off of my main OS. In addition, I have snapshots of the last time I used the VMWare image so that I can revert to a non-compromised version of my system in the event of 'contamination'.

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