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Your Dummest Bets!

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by GaryWatson, Aug 15, 2008.

    Aug 15, 2008
  1. GaryWatson

    GaryWatson Dormant account

    Marketing Consultant
    I put 3 on Italy to win the World Cup at Football (Soccer). Price 7-1

    They won and I collected 21. The dumb meter kicks in because I laid the bet 4 years earlier. The intention was to put 3 a week on them to the next world cup. Well I only managed the one bet so had to wait 4 years to collect & by the time it started I could have got 9-1

    I put 1 on Michael Jacksons nose to fall off by the end of the year. Price 500-1

    Surprisingly enough, that was a losing bet, or so they told me. Maybe I should post a "pitch a bitch". Im still unsure if I actually lose that bet.
  2. Aug 15, 2008
  3. mojo

    mojo Dormant account

    East Coast
    I don't usually do those bets though I did win $5 on a $1 be that OJ would go free. If the glove don't fit..

    On the casino side, I can't tell you how many times I hit 'bet max' by mistake, although sometimes it's paid off. Other times you can hear me grrrrrrrr. Funny how the bet max button is right-next-to-closely-by the 'spin' button. :rolleyes:
  4. Aug 15, 2008
  5. Eliot Jacobson

    Eliot Jacobson Dormant account

    President, Jacobson Gaming, LLC
    Santa Barbara
    If by "dumb" you mean "weird" ...

    Here is a weird wager I made recently.

    I go to see my opthamologist every 3 months. One of the standard things they do is to measure what is called the "Intraocular pressure," which is normally in the range of 10 to 20 for each eye.

    I gave the nurse a line of 16-14 on my two eye's intraocular pressure, and let her take an over or under. She took the over. My eyes had pressures of 16-17 so she won.

    When will I ever learn?
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  6. Aug 16, 2008
  7. babs7262

    babs7262 Banned User

    On Disability,p/t online slots reviewer

    My weight doesnt really show that Im actually a healthy eater and regularly work out so when I went to my dr for my regular blood work I told him hes gonna get a surprise when he sees my HDL (whole cholestral reading). I said " I bet its under 170" (your safe at under 200). He said "there is no way your gonna show that low of a reading" When will people learn that skinny doesnt mean healthy!

    Anyway, I bet him $10 that it would be lower than 170. He shook my hand and said "this is gonna be easy money, your betting a dr" It was 163:D
    He called and apologized, Im still waiting for my money!
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  8. Aug 17, 2008
  9. me_and_ed

    me_and_ed Ueber Meister CAG MM

    Selling out
    My dumbest bets were the ones I placed gambling.:D
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  10. Aug 17, 2008
  11. same_old

    same_old Dormant account PABaccred webmeister

    12th man
    We had a client ring us wanting to know if we were taking bets on the opening ceremony for the games, I asked how we would do a book on this and his exact reply to that was " well I dont bloody know a line bet or something" :eek: ummmmmm.. no sir we wont be having a betting book on that.
  12. Aug 17, 2008
  13. handkey

    handkey Dormant account webmeister

    My Dummest Bets:

    I put $100 on Liu Xiang to win the Men's 110m Hurdles at Olympic 2008 when the odds is 1.8

    And the odds is 2.1 now.

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