Your casino recommendations


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Aug 21, 2001
I'm new to internet gambling and I would like to hear what are the best casinos for regular online gambling players. (also what are the worst casinos)
Hi Playsafe,

I recommend
It is fast and fast pay outs.
Hi Playsafe,

There is a ton of information here. I'd recommend reading the "before you play online" section of this forum. I'd also review the "reputable" online casinos, the rogue casinos, and warning signs.

There's a lot to digest, but it would be well worth it and save a lot of headaches.

Hi Playsafe,

Bryan's right, check out all the information on this site and also check out all the casino review sites out there too. Be careful though as some are just in it for the money they will get from recruiting you. My website will help you seperate the goodies from the baddies. I've mailed you the link. Didn't want to post the link here in case Bryan slapped my hands for spamming :) The site's not finished yet but I will spam it to the rest of you when it is (in the correct forum of course)


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