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Your best hit ever!

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by tim5ny, Apr 14, 2004.

    Apr 14, 2004
  1. tim5ny

    tim5ny Quit Gambling

    What is your largest win on any single spin of the slots, or any single bet on the tables? Mine was at Casino Niagara in Canada. A natural royal on a five dollar video poker deuces wild machine for $20,000.00.
  2. Apr 14, 2004
  3. hhcfreebie

    hhcfreebie Dormant account

    That would be my first royal flush at city club casino (playtech). Since it's 4 line, 10 cents JoB the payout is a whoopy $400. :p
    That's the highest winning for a single bet I've ever got over 2 years of gambling.
  4. Apr 14, 2004
  5. jen

    jen Dormant account

    3x$500 at Boss Media MH blackjack, all won, one by a BJ - $1,750.

    A $1,600 hit at Major Millions about a month ago, the casino seems dont want to pay.

    I also won the real Jackpot at slots long ago at Dukes Crypto. The smallest ever jackpot i.e. the highest possible win of this game. I bet my last 75 cents at Forbidden Fruit slot machine and got three apples - $200.
  6. Apr 15, 2004
  7. tim5ny

    tim5ny Quit Gambling

    just bumpin this up so others might post their best wins!
  8. Apr 15, 2004
  9. bjlady

    bjlady Dormant account

    Just got into Thunderstruck and Big Kahuna, very addictive when you get a big payout.

    My biggest Thunderstruck so far has been $202, but it took $163 of my balance to get it. :lol
  10. Apr 15, 2004
  11. xkxrome0ox

    xkxrome0ox Dormant account

    Los Angeles, CA
    bet $500 on single hand of blackjack and won
    (but i lost about 5-6 times at $500)

    hit a 4 of a kind at sands
    i think that got me $700 or so betting the minimum + sidebet
  12. Apr 15, 2004
  13. polli123

    polli123 Webmaster

    Got 2500 Euros at Thunderstrucks free spins.
  14. Apr 15, 2004
  15. tim5ny

    tim5ny Quit Gambling

    Thunderstruck can pay well if you can survive the low spells. I've always gotten eaten alive while trying to get the bonus spins.
  16. Apr 15, 2004
  17. Clayman

    Clayman Dormant account

    Pennsylvania, USA
    I think I won a desperation 3 AM $200 double once. Yippee.

    I'm just a tortoise amongst all you hares. Slow and steady wins my race.
  18. Apr 15, 2004
  19. m249a

    m249a Dormant account

    self employed
    Best single score was @ Ceasers in Atlantic City. Spanish 21. Off a $300.00 buy in I played for about 5 hours...up and down ect...Had about $3,500 bank roll, decided it was time for a break. Played table max for wager ($1,000) table max for match the dealer bet ($100) and played a $100.00 bet for the dealer on both. Matched the dealer with a pair of suited eights (hearts) and won 12 to 1 x's 2 for my match play. $2,400 score for me and the dealer. Split the eights (and covered the dealer play) got the three, doubled and got the monkey. $2000.00 for me $200.00 for the dealer. Second eight I got the 2, doubled (dealer too) got the ace and the dealer busted off a 15. Total won, $6,400. Total for the dealer, $3,000.00. Decided the hell with a break and went to high limit regular bj. Left about 20 hrs later drunker then hell and $23,000 richer. All off a $300.00 buy in.........that was 5 years ago...and just like a crack addict I have chased it ever since ;)
  20. Apr 15, 2004
  21. kniepm

    kniepm Dormant account

    :lolup: :lolup:
    Ain't that the truth. I bet (there I go again) most here can relate to that.
  22. Apr 16, 2004
  23. tim5ny

    tim5ny Quit Gambling

    LoL! chased it like a crack addict ever since...how true that statement is! You had a nice day at the casino!
  24. Apr 16, 2004
  25. spybarbie

    spybarbie Dormant account

    My biggest hit(s)

    Hi folks,

    my biggest hit happened back on May 23rd, 2001, when I was totally new to online gambling.

    After purchasing $20 at Prestige Casino I started to play with $60 because of $40 bonus. I did my fave game which was JB at this time. After 5 or 6 hands I had a Royal Flush and the win was $5,000.
    I still cannot describe the way I felt but it was one of the best things ever because I was in debt for private reasons :)
    I remember that I was crying all over, getting down to my knees, drumming with my hands on the floor and saying "NO OMG, NO OMG , NO OMG" all the time :) Does anybody feel related to that? Well, a little later this day ... I got some champagne from my local store ... still feeling like I am in a dream :)

    At this point I need to mention that I had no idea about meeting WRs and so on. But I need to say that Prestige Casino did not ask me for any WR. The casino just paid me without any hassle or trouble. They even sent me "half" of the security code which I needed to do a cashout via email and told me the "other half" of the security code on the phone because I wanted the cashout very fast as I needed the money for a vacation which would have caused even more debt without the winning.

    This is pretty much not a promotion for Prestige Casino but since that ... I have never been treated so nice and so fair by any casino again ... which takes me to my 2nd biggest "hit" ...

    Back in March 2003, I thought I have a big "hit" at Connect To Casino. I got 11 numbers on Keno which was a win of $2,800. Woohoo, the WRs are wild but I made it to play through 30x and after meeting the WRs there were still $1,300. So I asked for a cashout which I had to do vial email because the casino software doesn't accept cashout requirements via the casino software.
    Weird enough :) Well, I had to beg to get the cashout processed and finally I got about $300 because of the weird rules at this particular casino.
    (If you need more info about that ... please check my other posts).

    Just this ... can you all imagine how it feels if you think you won $1,300 and then you get $300?

    That's it for now ... Good Luck to you ALL and have a great weekend :)

    P.S. I never was a "high roller" and I'll never be but I guess most of you are like me :)
  26. Apr 16, 2004
  27. fonzerelli_79

    fonzerelli_79 Dormant account

    i havent really had a big hit - i think mine is due
    ive won in slot machines etc but never a win as high as the ones mentioned here

    ...maybe im due one;)
  28. Apr 16, 2004
  29. hip_hop

    hip_hop Dormant account

    I've had a couple of big wins online but the most fun I ever had in a Casino was about 40 minutes at a craps table at the Las Vegas Club on Freemont street. It was about three on this Friday morning and I was happy with a few beers on board. I made a small buy in of $60 and played a neutral game for a while. Suddenly, this guy at the end of the table has an incredible run of the dice. Points were being made left and right, hardways were winning and high fives were flying. Forty minutes later he finally sevens out. I had $8800 in black in from of me. The only reason this wasn't a bunch more is the boss pushed back my pressed bet as it was over the LVC's max odds bet of $500. Pit boss tells me the table dumped about 20K. All of the players at the table were like a fraternity for the rest of the weekend. Ton's of fun. Winning is always fun but I think winning at a craps table is the most fun.

    Hip Hop
  30. Apr 16, 2004
  31. tim5ny

    tim5ny Quit Gambling

    that's an incredible score on a sixty dollar buy-in Hip-Hop! :)
  32. Apr 16, 2004
  33. tim5ny

    tim5ny Quit Gambling

    Another time at Casino Niagara in Canada, I arrived at the casino and threw a twenty dollar bill into a one dollar joker wild poker machine and built that up to a few hundred and moved on to the five dollar video pokers. After many more hours and many more nice hits, I was up five thousand dollars. I never had to reach into my pocket again after the first twenty dollar bill.
  34. Apr 16, 2004
  35. DealerBusts

    DealerBusts Dormant account

    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience at ConnectTo. The casino just treats its players badly and what they do borders on theft. I think most winners get treated badly at ConnectTo..they just don't like us.

    Lets see, my biggest hit....a Royal at an MG casino for 2000. I was having a bad night, losing at Carribean Stud Poker and was about 200 down. I opened an account at a new casino but then realised they didn't have Carribean Stud Poker. Damnit, I played 4-line VP instead. After playing twenty minutes I had 3 to a royal but also a 4 to a flush. I thought, i'm never going to get a royal.......should go for the flush. Fortunately I made the right play and went for the royal and then i hit a royal on one line. I was shocked, i didn't know those things existed. I cackled manically to myself, deliriously happy...hehe
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2004
  36. Apr 17, 2004
  37. tim5ny

    tim5ny Quit Gambling

    My first experience with slots at a microgaming casino... I was just trying everything, and losing it all a little bit at a time. I wandered over to Treasure Nile and saw that it was $4.50 a spin and decided to only try a couple spins seeing that my bankroll was going down fast. About the second or third spin on the bottom line I see a Pharoh line up on reels 1,2,4,5 and I think..damn! I wonder what it would have paid if I got another one of those on reel 3. Well.. suddenly I see those 4 pharohs flashing and the fifth pharoh on the line above on reel 3 flashing also..indicating a win. I looked at the win meter and expected to see something like 20 dollars win or something like that.. but it said $3000.00 dollars. I was beside myself. I had no idea that it would pay that much. Another time I was playing slots at 32red and was having a great night at the slots. Alot of great hits on Treasure Nile and some other slots and I was about Ten thousand dollars up. I was very sleepy but kept on playing. My ex-wife phoned me to bitch about one thing or another, so I muted the sound and let her spout off as usual without really listening. I kept on playing and switched to Gopher Gold playing one dollar per line(5 lines) I layed my head on the desk because I was tired and held the phone to my ear while she kept rattling off about something..all the while clicking max bet. Suddenly... straight across it lines up 5 dynamites and starts flashing...I look at the win meter and it says $5,000.00. Of course I had to contain myself because I didn't want the ex to know I had come into some money..so I calmly said " I have to go" and hung up the phone and yelled at the top of my lungs... "YES!!!!!!!!!'
  38. Apr 17, 2004
  39. lanidar

    lanidar Dormant account

    Avenel, New Jersey
    I'm still waiting :confused:

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