Your Best BJ Result per Day


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May 26, 2006
What is your best Blackjack Result?
e.g Deposit 50 -and go out with 200

How long you play for the good Result and in which Casino you prefer Blackjack?

LG tiger2006
i've just started to dabble in the world of sticky's,a bit scarey but i could get used to or lose it's quick and painless

vegas palms-dep $20 w/d $160 after 3 bets(30 seconds tops)

777dragon dep $25 w/d $100 after 2 bets(15 seconds)

all jackpots dep 50 w/d $240 7 bets(1 minute,nerves got the better of me)
Some noteworthy results are below:

1. Gaining $1300 playing BJ at -- I've told this story many times. This was my first experience with online casinos and the event that inspired me to get really into online casinos. I used an incorrect strategy table (single deck vs. multideck) and a foolishly large bet size, yet still made a nice gain.

2. Winning $750 on a hand of BJ at King Neptunes -- There is a picture of the hand in winning screenshots and in my log. I cashed out at ~$1700 for a gain of $1300. This event also had a big influence on me.

3. Gaining ~$1000 playing BJ at Winward. $500 of that was a bonus.

4. Gaining $820 playing BJ at Sharks -- I deposited $200, then cashed out at $1420 for a net gain of $820 after the $400 sticky bonus is removed. (Rules were changed to make it a sticky instead of cashable AFTER I had already signed up. :mad: )

5. Gaining $510 on just a $40 deposit at Sun Vegas
Probably my best experience was really recently, at a RTG casino which will remain unnamed until I receive my cashout. Deposit $167, get a $334 sticky. Play $250 a hand until chipcount gets to $1376. Then, grinding out the (pretty big) wagering requirement with $25 or 2x$25 hands, got the chipcount up to $1965.

If I was just playing blackjack for general play purposes, I'd probably go for one of those Boss Media casinos with the single deck game that actually has a tiny player advantage. Except there are a few reasons I won't even do that:

1) I'm in the US, and can't register
2) The boss media software plays to slow
3) I'd rather just go to a casino and count cards.

In terms of just the interface, I think I like RTG's the most, mainly for speed of play. Microgaming has shinier graphics.
RTG Casino is fast in Blackjack.
Bodog have only 1 Dollar, Inetbet and asino Extreme starts with 5 Dollar.

What do you thing?
Which Single -Multiplayer BJ is better?
RTG, (Bodog), Intercasino Multiplayer BJ or Casino Club Single Player and Multiplayer?

Where have more wins with the Blackjack Strategy?
Intercasino, RTG or Casino Club?
Or others?

LG tiger2006
RTG actually has fairly poor blackjack rules (hit soft 17, no surrender, multiple decks), I think the house edge is over .5%.

I also remember hating Crypto blackjack, back when I could play at crypto shops. It was almost as painful as the Boss Media software.

But over the short term, it still comes down to luck. Which is why I try to play only when there's a bonus to help me out.

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