You think Damien from the Omen was bad...


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WTG!!! Actually, it doesn't take too many skills to make one, you know, but it is much fun when trying!! :p

The only name I would say not to pick is Damien, who evokes disgusting memories on line of a freak with the same name. Try googling and you'll find the old creep. Also known as Pastor Sin a Lot.

Congratulations, Jelsmith! :thumbsup:


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That is great news Jel!! Congrats!! I am happy for you.

As for a name, when your searching through names, one will stick out to you and hence, you will have picked the name of your baby. Atleast, that is what happened with me. We had recevied atleast 4 baby name books when I was pregnant, and when read the name and meaning my husband and I looked at each other and said at the same time, "That's it".

Good luck, and enjoy every minute of your prenancy!! Congrats, again.

All the best,


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Oh congrats! That is awesome...I don't have any name suggestions, but even if I did I wouldn't take them from me. 3 out of 5 start with a J over here and I usually just call them "Hey You" . :D

I wish you the best. :)


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Congrats, Jelsmith. I have a few suggestions on naming your baby. Not names, just food for thought.

1) Name the little one something he/she can spell at 6. I've heard some baby names and I wonder how in the world they ever taught the kid to spell it much less write it down.

2) What is a cute name at 1 is not so cute at 50.

3) Initials should never spell out something. Not cute and the kid will get teased.

4) Make sure the name can't be shortened or said in a way that will cause all kinds of teasing at school.

5) Make sure that the name you give him/her will look good on a future President.

Just a little levity. Name the little one whatever you want to. If they don't like it, they can pay to have it changed. :D


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Hey congrats to you! I don't know much about baby names but I'd definitely stay away from Lindsay, Paris, and Britney. Especially if it's a boy. ;)


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If you watch the updated version of The Omen (released mid 2000) you will notice that Damien doesn't do anything wrong. He is at the scene of some deaths and he gets the blame for it.
Imho the writer/director is trying to communicate that Damien is just mis-understood.


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Congratulations! I am so happy for you!

Look what happens when you stop gambling online. :p

Girl: Lilly, Rosemary, Blair, Candra, Chandra, Elvira, Hecate, Hilda, Lilith, Lilitu, Misty, Sabrina, Samantha, Samara, Usha

Boy: Aliah, Barnabas, Boris, Crimson, Nazar, Pagan, Rasputin, Raven, Samael, Samil, Seth, Vlad


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Im hopin for a girl but Ill take what I only doin this once! Im thinking hard on Wealhtheow (wæɑ̯lxθeow) for a girl and Finnegan for a boy....but im not sure yet too many to choose from!


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Congratulations jel! !

How about Nifty for a boy and Niftette for a girl?

BTW do we know who the mother is?


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I suppose that would be me :p I have to say my OBGYN is terrified at the prospect of seeing my stomach at full term....see pre-pregnancy image below :D



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That is great Jelsmith Congrats!!
I am happy for you.
The Love of life comes from having a baby to Love & Cherish for the rest of your life.
I love the name Sarah
For a boy name it Tommy


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Congrats...that is awesome:thumbsup: Just a suggestion...if you name him/her something a little different make the middle name more mainstream....that way they won't totally hate you when they are older:D That's what I did many years ago when my son was born...and the funny thing is he grew to like his first name and never did use his middle name but it gave him a choice:p


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I wanted to name my youngest Bronx but he is a Nicholas (Mitch is his nickname:what:) instead. My 2 year old is Brooklyn....I think that would have been cute.

GGW Laurie

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Congrats Jenn:D I'm so excited for you and know that you will be an excellent loving mother.

The right name will come to mind in time, just take good care of yourself and enjoy the wonders of motherhood, again, I am just so proud for you.

My name pic would be...................



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