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Sep 16, 2008
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On Thursday the 21st I asked Live chat for my payout %......At first rep didnt know what I was talking about so I explained....I was then told they had to wait to hear back from RTG (mind you i was not asking for logs but a simple overall payout % on my account). I queried live chat several times over the next almost 10 days and always got "we are waiting on RTG" or "we are waiting on our tech guys"......So I pm'd the rep response......So today I am in live chat (see transcript below)....I can't believe a customer service agent DOES NOT know what a payout % is:eek: ......I furthermore cant believe that RTG doesnt know what one is (unless the message was conveyed to them inappropriately).....I give up on this casino....straight up give up:mad: I ask 2 other RTG's for this info and was provided with a payout % within 3 minutes in live chat......So if those reps understand "PAYOUT %" how can the reps (as I have spoken to at least 3 different ones) at Grande not?

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Shawn'

Shawn: Hello, How are you today?

Shawn: Welcome to Grande Vegas Casino, I will be your Online Support Representative.

Shawn: We would like to extend our appreciation for choosing us amongst other online casinos.

Shawn: Is there anything specific that I can help you with?

sarratori: I asked for my payout % thursday a week ago....thats almost 10 days....I pm the casinomeister rep and have heard nothing either. I cant not understand why I am not being provided with this information.

Shawn: One moment while I check your account please.

sarratori: I aksed 2 other rtgs i play at for the same information and was given it in live chat in about 3 minutes....?

Shawn: sorry for keeping you waiting

Shawn: can you please explain exactly what you mean by payout percentage?

sarratori: i deposited x amount of return was sya 89%

Shawn: i have received a response from rtg but they do not seem to understand the query.

sarratori: RTG does not understand what a payout % is?

Shawn: do you perhaps mean net win?

sarratori: I suppose that is the same thing

Shawn: ok please hold

Shawn: thank you for holding

Shawn: your query was forwarded to rtg and they responded with a net win of -$2,994.91.They did not provide a payout percentage as such

Shawn: Is this the information that you require?

sarratori: Yes.........but a % is what I really wanted.....but I can see from the net win of minus 2994.91 that the % is bad.

Shawn: i am sorry that this is not exactly what you requested but this is the response that we received

sarratori: Thanks Shawn have a nice a day

Shawn: you are welcome

Shawn: Is there anything else I can assist you with?

sarratori: no thanks

Shawn: once again i apologize for this matter going on and on
Ask for total amount wagered, and total amount of payouts.

You can ALSO work with total amount wagered, and net win.

Do the calculation of RTP yourself from the figures RTG DO "understand how to extract:rolleyes:".

RTP (as %) = (Total amount of payouts / total wagered) * 100

If net win is negative - the house won overall (usual scenario).
Remove the negative, and use the positive value as "net house win" below.

RTH (Return To House as %) = (net house win / total wagered) * 100

RTP (as %) = 100 - RTH (as %)

If I have made a mistake, I am sure Enzo will spot it in under 30 seconds;)
Hi Everyone

Just to give you an update on this issue. I personally sent jelsmith a message informing her of her payout percentage at Grande Vegas Casino.

All support staff have also been informed on how retrieve this information now.

Best Regards,

For overall payout percentage it is is far easier and more accurate to work it out for yourself.
This is why keeping an accurate record of all transactions is important so you don't have to rely on second hand information. Casinos payout percentages could well include bonuses etc, so the percentage given may not give you an accurate assessment of your overall payout returns.

Personally I would expect any representative of a casino to understand what a payout percentage is. The same as I would expect a bank worker to understand how interest is calculated. However some of the information you require they might not have at hand straight away, so for something like this I think I would be emailing support instead.

The fact they couldn't give the player the information as requested is neither here or there, what is alarming is the fact someone representing the casino didn't seem to understand a basic concept. When joining a casino it is not a bad idea to ask a few test questions before you deposit, this way you will get an idea of whether their customer support is upto scratch.

Sounds like Madison has resolved this with some on the job training. Hopefully they have also updated their training manual so it is properly implemented for future employees.


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