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I predict a riot.
Oct 17, 2004
Location, Location!
Been playing around with the internet 'Wayback Machine' tonight! Found somewhere back in the late nineties on a certain website :rolleyes:

"The casinos listed here are considered to be some of the best that can be found online. They have provided gamers with both entertaining graphics and substantial winnings in recent months. We highly recommend the following casinos:
Kenny Rogers Casino
At Kenny Rogers Casino, you can gamble for real money, or sharpen your skills in a Practice Mode. You can even use their expert strategy tips to help you win big. $25 credit for all new players! Simply play once, which requires a minimum $20 deposit, and they will credit your account $25 towards your next play. Offer expires January 31st, 1999."

Why is that casino not there anymore!??? Damn! "Kenny Rogers Casino" sounds like the coolest casino EVER!!!!!! :D

Watching this site evolve and expand to where it is today is absolutely fascinating! You can clearly see the motivation and ideas behind the Casinomeister we know and love!

Top work fella! :thumbsup:
lol, guess he needed more money for booze :D

This was interesting, considering the debate over online gaming in the USA:
(full story @ Old / Expired Link)
But for all that fastidiousness, Kenny Rogers Casino is essentially controlled by a company in the United States. Not only can you walk right into its San Diego headquarters, you can buy its stock on the Nasdaq. Yes, the casino's license is held by a firm called Bardenac, but the substantial duties of operating the site � building it, advertising it, maintaining customer service � fall to a consulting company called Worldwide Media Holdings, which receives a percentage of all casino profits. WMH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Inland Entertainment, a San Diego-based company that trades under the ticker symbol INLD.

Inland was initially founded in the 1980s as a consultant to the Barona tribe of Mission Indians, which operates a casino on a reservation near San Diego. A few years ago, the Barona tribe decided to bring in Kenny Rogers as a spokesman. "It was very successful, in the sense that Indian gambling was still going through a lot of political challenges," says Fritz Opel, Inland's chief of online gaming. California's governor � and much of the local business community � opposed the Barona casino, and Rogers' involvement was a political turning point.

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