you cannot walk a way a winnder at River Nile casino!?? please read, need help obtaining my winnings


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Oct 11, 2002
Hello there. I am having a problem with river nile casino. Below is a copy of my email to what is supposed to be the accounts department over at river nile casino. A man named Marvin from the accounts department gave me the managers email address, which is supposed to be James D. ( I only hope this is accurate. below is a copy of my email that i sent directly to his email address. Marvin said that James did not have a telephone number to be reached at. I am going to quote the text that is inside the email below.

"Hello James D. (

I am emailing you to let you know about a problem I am having at your casino. I recently just started playing at online casino's. There are quite a few casino's and quite a few that offer bonus money when you sign up. I signed up with your casino because it had a $150.00 bonus signup match against my purchase of $150.00. I started playing with my $150 that i purchased. keep in mind that the bonus $150 hasnt yet been processed to my account. my $150.00 did not last long at all. I quickly dropped to $0.00. Then I deposited $200.00 of my own paypal money in hopes to win some nice money back. then as well, I lost this amount all the way back down to $0.00. I just spent $350.00 already. I wasnt very happy at all. I once again deposited $169.00 through paypal to my account. from this finaly last bit of my paypal money, i made $1667.00. I was happy that i won this amount. i happily cashed out $1000 and left the $667.00 remaining credits in my account. I played some more and dropped all the way down to $6.00 credits. then I made it back up to $503.00. This is where i stopped for awhile. The next time i logged in, my account was credited with an exatr $150.00 bonus. wow i though. I played some more and cashed out $1200, then i cashed out $1000. then I lost the remaining credits. I was very happy that i won $3200.00. I waited for my money to be returned to my paypal account, then a day or two later $500.00 came in. somewhat weird since I originally sent in $519.00. Thats ok i thought. the rest will be sent to me in the mail by cheque is what the man told me on the phone. The next day during the time that accounts department is open i called in to ask the status. the man told me out of the first $2200 that i cashed in that $500 was returned to my paypal account and $1700 was confiscated. He said I should read terms. i went and read them and it says not to play roulette, bacarat, or blackjack with the bonus money. My heart sank and i felt kind of funny because all my hard earned money that i paid dearly for with RISK and possible debt was gone. I asked about the remaining $1000.00 and the man named marvin from accounts department told me that it was in pending and that i should call back tommorow to find out what would happen to it. He said probability says that it will be confiscated as well. OMG! i dont feel that good i am thinking. I put my $519.00 deposits into this casino and i cant walk a way a winner i am thinking. I told marvin about the RISK i put into your casino that i could of possibly been in debt. He told me that he is sorry and he cant do anything about it. I asked marvin to speak with the manager and he gives me your email address. I asked marvin if he knows the manager personally. Marvin replies yes. I asked marvin if he thought the manager was a nice man. marvin replies yes. I asked marving If he thought the manager rips people off or steals and he says no, the manager is a good guy. I was releived to hear this. Marvin tells If anyone could help me with my problem that you James can. I am emailing you to ask you to please help me with claiming my money. I would like the remainder of $2700.00 put back into my casino account, or else mailed to me by cheque. i beleive i won this money and would like a fair game. My girlfriend was very happy to see me win this money. I told her i would pay her back the $1200 that i owe her and she was very happy. Now she isnt happy that I will not be receiving my money. If its ok, you can take the $150.00 bonus out of the winning. Also, i would like to point out that my first cashin was before receiving the bonus money. Please help me James Douglas as I am asking very nicely and trying to solve this matter with a good ending. thank you,

Richard Mossip,

account number ********* (Rivernile casino)"

well thats a copy of the email that i sent him. below is the response i got from him in quotes once again.

"Hi Richard,

It appears that you made an initial deposit and then played on roulette and
baccarat (a substantial amount on roulette). You then cashed-in and while it
was pending the bonus money was credited to your account. After receiving
it, you continued to play on roulette, cashed-in again. When your account
was reviewed, accounts confiscated your winnings and returned your original
$500 purchase to you.

Our terms and conditions clearly state that you cannot wager any of your
deposit or bonus money on roulette. Unfortunately we have to adhere to our
terms and conditions, and by refunding your original purchase, we have done
just that. We cannot bend our terms and conditions to accomodate a specific

If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,
James Douglas"

again. i would like to point out to everyone that i did not receive any bonus and i completely won the first cashout. This money should be mine. Also, altogather there is $3200.00 that if was credit back to my account I would be able to play other games such as slots, video poker. then i would be able to wager $150 times 5 down into these games. No where in there terms does it say to not completely play roulette at all or else your money will be confiscated. I want my money returned to my account. Please help me anyone.

looking for help, Richard
As much as I hate to say it, I think you're stuck. You should not have deposited money in between your initial deposit and the bonus - and also, I think it might be wise in future to resist the temptation to immediately deposit more money after a loss.

You did not make any attempt to tell the casino that you were going to deposit more money, nor did you tell them you didn't want the bonus, nor obviously had you read the terms and conditions. Under these circumstances there really isn't any way to justify your position.
I don't know why everyone is always defending the casino's in these forums. They construct these contracts to give themselves loopholes to cop out on paying winners and they do it every chance they get. You didn't do anything wrong and you should be obligated to recieve your winnings, they are crooks and should be repromanded.

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