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Dec 16, 2020
United Kingdom
I join yeti casino 3 or 4 days ago lucky to have a half decent win sent all my docs in around 3 days ago and contacted then they said there still in a appove pile just wounding how casino have to appove there sort of things thanks Anthony


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May 31, 2015
Hey man, Sorry to bother you with that but I have a 50$ cash balance sitting at fun casino. I stopped playing there more than one year ago. I looked at my transaction history and I only deposited via e transfer and visa debit which is basically a card that lets you make online purchases with your bank account funds directly so no credit involved. This card has been in the garbage for more than a year and since I was not being able to get verified there with the exact same documents than at yeti and Casinocasino pretty sure they will ask for it. Also, I saw that no deposit bonuses have a minimum 40$ and max 100$ cashout. So this nice 50$ Is from wagering the couple bonus dollars won in their 2$ worth christmas gift email and I would like to buy someone a gift with that, not loose it trying to get up to 75$ Which is the minimum etransfer that is way higher than casinos usual average. I will pm you my email but I am pretty sure you remember me. I have a muchbetter account that you could manually enter the phone number or use Casinocasino info since I used it there. Or 50$ manual etransfer? Or 50$ on black....

anyway i will also send docs for verification at their email

thx and merry christmas from fun casino, U have fun

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