Yeti casino verification issue


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Aug 30, 2016
I decided to do the verification process for Yeti but there is one requirement i can't do.

They want a picture taken from an idebit account. Apparently back in 2018 when i first signed up i used idebit to make a deposit.

i honestly dont remember ever using idebit but being 2 years ago who knows? I tried password recovery on and they can't find my account.

I haven't been on Yeti in a long time and decided to try it out recently and now that I want to do a withdrawal i can't because of this.

What are your thoughts on idebit and is it resonable for a Casino to ask screenshots of something i used 2 years ago and that was to make a deposit on something i ended up losing 100% of? I'm only looking to do a withdrawal to interact etransfer which is how i deposited in the first place recently.

Thank You


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Aug 7, 2020
Yeti casino are ok but you can't verify on their site and they only ask for verification once you get an ok win and they do the same thing Genesis did where they drag out the process. However, you can call a supervisor at any time and they are faster with the whole process. I was having issues getting my documents verified, after I rang it was accepted the next day. You do have to chase them up a little bit though,