Yet again great service at Bet365


Grumpy old gal
I don't contact support at Bet365 often. But they are running a World Cup Fever promotion with decent terms, but a short window to deposit.

I set my computer clock to GMT, but I left the default setting of adjust for Daylight Savings Time.

Well, I deposited about 1/2 hour too early for the promotion.

I contact the Bonus Team, and they were unable to help, but suggested I contact Customer Service.

Here's my transcript of my chat:

info: Thank you for contacting bet365 Live Chat. An advisor will be with you shortly.
info: You are now chatting with Lloyd_H.
Lloyd_H: Hello, welcome to Live Chat. How may I help you?
Jasmine: Hi Lloyd
Lloyd_H: Hello.
Jasmine: I set my windows clock to GMT, but apparently it is not correct
Jasmine: I made a deposit thinking I would be eligible for the World Cup Fever promo, but I was too early
Lloyd_H: At the moment it is 17:06 GMT.
Jasmine: is there any way you can help me out?
Lloyd_H: Unfortunately the promotion does not start until 17:30 GMT which is in 24 minutes.
Lloyd_H: Have you used the deposit?
Jasmine: no, not yet
Jasmine: I think my mistake is my settings are for daylight savings changes
Jasmine: I even came on earlier today to check when the hours were
Lloyd_H: you can transfer the funds out of your casino account to the sports section and then you can transfer the funds back to your casino account at 17:30 GMT
Jasmine: Oh, ty Lloyd. I'll do that
Lloyd_H: You will then be eligible.
Lloyd_H: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Jasmine: No, that's great
Lloyd_H: Thank you for contacting Live Chat. Please click on the ‘Close’ button to rate the service you have received and to request a transcript of this chat if required.
Jasmine: I always get good support here when I need it
Lloyd_H: It has been a pleasure assisting you.
Not all casinos allow transfers to count to claim a bonus, and I did lose, although I would have had a cashout point without a bonus (not to say I would have taken it).

None of this took all that long for an issue that was my error, and I'm happy yet again with Bet365 support.

I dont' have to contact them that often, but when I do, they always impress.

And that's from a customer that lost their money.


gambling addict
This is a plus for both Bet 365 and those who clamour for the introduction of live chat to you-know-who. This casino has shown its flexibility in handling issues that need to be solved immediately. Without this piece of live chat Jazzy will most certainly have played the funds in her account and kicking herself with regard to the GMT displayed in her computer clock.

When a customer makes an honest mistake like the one Jazzy made casino support should try to help out instead of deriding the customer and then stating 'the rules are the rules and we cant do anything about it'. Anything is possible as long as you have you are committed to handling it.


Let em spin...
yes, they sure are a great casino but the term i see are the following:
# Players must deposit/transfer at least $50 during promotional hours to qualify.
# Qualifying players will receive a 50% bonus on their first deposit/transfer during promotional hours, up to a maximum of $200.
# To make the bonus withdrawable the initial deposit/transfer plus bonus must be played through 30 times
Do you really consider these to be "decent terms"?
just curious because i never take bonuses like that or may be i am too picky...


Grumpy old gal
This particular promotion allows BJ and Video Poker at 25% wagering, and some of my favourite playtech slots are the eight-line ones, which are not very high variance.

Quite a number of the older slots are low variance, and I often have more wagering than this in a session (ones I've played without any bonus).

I checked my comp points today, I might have even reached the wagering, but I didn't have above my starting balance when I may have achieved it so I played on.

Most of my play is without bonus at Bet365 because I'm usually only offered 10 or 20 percent with 30xD+B.