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Apr 27, 2009
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YCX (Why Casino X?)

Second in a series

Why Casino X?

There are any number of casinos to be found online these days so you could feel either spolied for choice or perhaps even a little overwhelmed when seeking out where to play your hard-earned dollars.
So why choose Casino X over Casino Y (ie one over another)?

Let's look at a few things that may hopefully help you through your decision-making process.

Where To Begin

CM has, by and large, broken down the lion's share of online casinos into three (ish) convenient groups

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The Accredited:
These are the casinos that adhere to a rather stringent set of standards and have gone through a thorough vetting process called the Baptism by Fire.

In simple terms, providing you play by the rules you can pretty much bet the casino will as well.

The Grey Zone:
Though these casinos dont meet the standards of accreditation, they are, generally speaking, neither labelled 'good' nor 'bad'; rather, walk in with your eyes open and play at your own risk. Member experiences may vary greatly.

Not Recommended / The Rogues:
You've been warned!

Do Your Due Diligence

As always, it's on the player to do their own homework.
Be sure to check out the reviews both official and those from your fellow members.
Can't find the answers you're looking for? Use any number of tools at your disposal.

They include but aren't limited to:
*Checking the board for any currently-running threads
*Using the search function to find threads or pages specific to what you're looking for (found in the top-right corner of the forum and top left of the home page)
*Create your own thread for member input
*Reach out to a duly-designated casino representative

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Okay. So you've looked around and found a few that tick all the boxes in terms of reputation.
Now it's time to look into what may draw you to one casino over another


For some players, these two might be very important factors. For others, they simply don't factor in at all.
These might include sign-up bonuses, weekly cash-back, assorted deposit bonuses, monthly promotions such as leaderboard races and tournaments.

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Being a Casinomeister member means you may also have access to exclusive contests and promotions found nowhere else.

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Bonuses almost always come with a variety of caveats. Always read the associated terms and conditions and when in doubt, ask!


A casino will inevitably come with its own support system but these aren't uniform. Some may offer email correspondence while others have a live-chat function be it 24/7 or standard work hours.
Quality of support can vary along with response time.
CM has has a rather good and diligent group of casinos reps available to address concerns and questions. Post your questions in their casino-specific threads or send them a pm.

Games Selection

You'll want to insure you find a selection of games wide enough to meet your needs. Not all games providers nor suppliers cater to all regions so insure the casino has a broad enough range of eligible games.
You'll discover in short order what providers you can and cannot play and know where to find all your favourites.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Check the banking section of the casino to determine if there's appropriate means to accommodate your banking style. Oprions might include credit cards, bank cards, e-transfer and e-wallets.
You should also look into their pay-out speed and whether or not they accept your specific currency or one you're willing to use.


Insure the casino allows players from your region to play, deposit and withdraw.

Playing online comes with a learning curve and the more you know, the better equipped and prepared you'll become.

Always play responsibly and always do your homework.

Good luck and happy spinning! :thumbsup:

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