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Jul 18, 2011
Would really like some feedback on my new and first bonus portal if anyone would be so to kind to have a look at it :rolleyes:

People can sort/filter bonus details, most importantly based on the allowed countries. Some pages like the casino sign up bonuses are quite large so it can take a while before its loaded. No reviews yet but I already constructed the backend for it too, gonna make it so users themselves can review casinos.

here's the link
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I hope I'm allowed to do this.. as I'm still quite newbie-ish here, couldn't find it in the rules so

All comments/critisism is much appriciated. Don't hold back, and please do tell me if you encounter bugs of any kind too..

Is there a spellcheck here btw lol, I'm a retard without one :oops:
I think the layout looks fine. The text content seems a little forced though - like it's there for SEO purposes, not to inform.

I would rework the logo some - the letters are not too clear. Seems a little jumbled. Be careful with the site name. I read Bonushit list. Make sure you have a line break between bonus and hit.

Just my two cents :D
Agree with Casinomeister, work a little bit to 'clean' the logo and make it appear clearly on eye. Also, i would put a red color hover in css when you hover the mouse on to text links.
Thanks guys!! appreciate it allot :thumbsup:

Lol Meister so true about the text being there for seo, I wanted to keep the text to a minimum because I want the whole world to be able to use it, like when I start adding other languages I don't have to translate allot. But then I noticed there is a minimum of 15% text/html threshold for seo.. Gonna hire me a writer when I'm done adding content and fine-tuning the layout etc.
And yeah lol bonushit, its there for a reason the s-word, its something that will be added in time. For now Im adding all the hits. Will have a look though if I can change it so the difference between them is clear..

And thanks for the red hover tip, will give it a try ;)
edit: jup red looks great, Thanks! :)
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