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Jun 12, 2006
hi all
i recently started playin BJ at kiwicasino (playtech), and had a bit of a daydream and hit on 18 and a little window come up saying you have 18 are you sure you want to hit and i though well thats nice there not trying to totally rip me off, i was playing for fun just trying the site so i stood on 11 and a box came up saying you have 11 are you sure you want to stand, cool,
made it just a bit more like a real casino where the dealer says wada you doing idiot LOL
I'm pretty sure this is a feature of Playtech software, and not a specific casino, but I do agree that it's a nice feature that other software companies could stand to add. :thumbsup:
That's nice. Like the time I drew on 20 while playing on 32Red. No prompts whatsoever. Had 100 euros on the line and the card I drew was ace! :lolup:
Dodged a bullet or should I say, caught a bullet :D .
vinylweatherman said:
Chartwell has this feature, even suggests you might not want to double on SOFT 17 too (sneaky). It can be turned off.

Chartwell should have one that says "do you REALLY think you will get paid if you win?".
lucky21 said:
hmm yes i know all about getting payed from online casino's- i am owed $150,000

Can u give us details? Sounds like would be very interesting reading:eek2:

PS- i see you have posted about this in another thread so i withdraw the request for details. (Unless you are free to provide them :) )
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i heard a rumor that OddsOn is developing a window that pops up when you stand on soft 20 and prompts: "Are you sure you wouldn't like another card, sport?"

I forget which casino it was (I think MG), but I was playing atlantic city BJ. It asked me on every single hard 20 if I wanted to split. WTF?

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